Friday, February 27, 2009

China told to end Tiananmen taboo

Source: BBC

A group of mothers of those killed in the 1989 protests in Tiananmen Square has urged China's leaders to fully investigate the deaths.

Their call was issued as the 20th anniversary of the massacre approaches, and days ahead of the annual session of the National People's Congress.

The Tiananmen Mothers want the government to name the dead, compensate families and punish those responsible.

If it happened in China, it never happened.

Why do Japanese say “Moshi Moshi”

Source: Tofugu

Ever wondered what the Japanese say when they answer the phone?
Here's a cute video explaining what "Moshi Moshi!" means.

Youtube Link

Now I need to find out why Italians answer the phone by saying "Pronto!"

Cecilia Cheung: Edison is despicable!

Source: AsiaOne

In a rare interview yesterday, Hong Kong star Cecilia Cheung spoke for the first time about fellow celebrity Edison Chen, with whom she was involved in a sex photo scandal last year.

A Lianhe Wanbao story reported her calling Chen "despicable" and that he was "dishonest, unreliable and caused a lot of hurt to his fellow female celebrities."

The interview, which took place in Hong Kong yesterday evening (26 February), saw Cheung admit for the first time her involvement in the scandal.

Looking directly at the camera, a teary-eyed Cheung said, "I admit that I committed this mistake!"

The Wanbao report also said that Cheung cried a second time when she spoke about her husband, Hong Kong star Nicolas Tse. She thanked Tse for his forgiveness and him staying by her side during this difficult time.

"It is very difficult to find such a good husband." Cheung told the interviewer, before breaking down.

In February last year, a few hundred obscene photos of Edison Chen pictured in various sex acts with some four female celebrities were posted onto the Internet. Chen had since testified in a Canadian court confirming that Cheung was among the four women in the pictures.

Of course she's married with a child now so what else can she say? She can't just say that Edison is a nice guy and she supports him now can she?

But in the end it's her fault. Girls always have to be careful. I have to be careful who I see and what I'm doing. When I go out I have to watch for things like drugs and cameras. Especially now when there are camera phones and video phones!

Edison may be despicable, but she's the only lying there naked posing for pictures. It's not like these pictures were taken in secrecy and she was fooled.

And yes, those pictures still give some people nightmares :P

Young Global Leaders

The World Economic Forum has released it's annual World Global Leader Honorees list for 2009

Some familiar names include:

Sachin Tendulkar (India)
Kelly Chen (HK)
Tiger Woods (USA)
Jessica Biel (USA)
Zhang Ziyi (China)
Kazutoshi Sakurai (Japan)
Chris Martin, Coldplay (UK)

Check out the list and see who you recognize.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gay Asians criticize Oscar speech's TV censorship

Source: MacLean's

Gay Asians voiced indignation Wednesday after television broadcasts of the Academy Awards in their region censored the words "gay" and "lesbian" in speeches that called for equal rights for homosexuals.

The speeches by actor Sean Penn and writer Dustin Lance Black - who won Oscars for their work in "Milk" - were shown in full during live broadcasts of the Oscars that were screened across Asia on Monday morning.

It's still taboo. Ask any of our parents and they object. Heck heterosexual sex is frowned upon let alone gay relationships.

Censorship always bothers me in but Asia everything is censored. Anything that doesn't sound right is taken out

Asian Ripoff XXXVIII - All Rise

Artist: Viet Quang
Language: Vietnamese

Youtube Link

That was pretty bad. I need a paper bag.

Jindal-Palin 2012!!!!!

Get your T-shirts now!!!

From cafepress

From zazzle

If this is truly the ticket for the republicans, Obama may win all 50 states!
Nobody likes Jindal and he's now a laughing stock after that performance. Republicans need a rethink.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Edison Chen: Not all photos taken by me

Source: The Straits Times

VANCOUVER - EDISON Chen says he did not take all of the sex photos that set off an online firestorm last year. About 40 of them were shot by one of the Chinese Canadian singer-actor's partners, who was not identified, and given to him on a CD.

This was one of the facts to emerge from the British Columbia hearing on Monday, when Chen gave evidence against Sze Ho Chun, a computer technician accused of stealing the pictures.

Chen's former lovers are expected to be called as witnesses at Sze's Hong Kong trial, which is scheduled for April.

According to Apple Daily, Chen explained why only about 400 pictures were leaked on the Internet. Out of 1,300 stolen photos police showed him on a CD last year, many were repetitions or pictures of daily life that had no market value, he told the court.

Pictures of markets don't sell, only sex sells. This Sze guy was purely evil.
These girls were so nice to Edison. Even taking picture of themselves naked in their free time!

Source: The Toronto Star

VANCOUVER – With his mother by his side and surrounded by burly bodyguards, pop star Edison Chen, whose naked photos were plastered over the Internet, said he wants to move on with his life after a year of unhappiness.

An earnest and solemn Chen, speaking at the end of his court hearing in Vancouver, said the futures of the women affected in the photo scandal, including some of Hong Kong most well-known female stars, are more important to him than anything else.

Just over a year ago, Chen, who was raised in Vancouver, got caught with his pants down - literally. Pictures he had taken over the past few years in intimate poses with female celebrities were posted on the Internet.

Chen, 28, was scheduled to appear over the next five days in a Vancouver courtroom but the hearing ended Tuesday after just a day. Prosecutors and defence lawyers, who had traveled to Vancouver for the hearing in B.C. Supreme Court because Chen refused to return to Hong Kong, finished their questions earlier then expected.

I do hope they jail Sze when the case gets back to Honk Kong and everyone can move on. But I'll find it hard for any of the girls to find work since the roles they used to play were seen as wholesome and innocent.

Japan from the air 2008

Source: Mainichi

Japan, forming an arc on the eastern edge of Asia, is a land of beautiful landscapes made all the richer by the progress of the four seasons. On top of its beauty, it is a leading industrial nation some 130 million people call home.

The Mainichi has been photographing Japan from the air for more than 80 years, recording the passage of its seasons, the changing faces of its cities and the lives of its people. Through the over 100 photographs presented here, taken from the Mainichi's photography airplane Phoenix II and the helicopters Rainbow, Kibo and Oruri, we hope to paint a picture of Japan over the course of 2008.

The astonishing photos can be seen here.

Nunchaku Badminton

Source: Danny Choo

Nunchaku - not only great for beating your best friend to a pulp with, but also good for baseball, golf and badminton...

Youtube Link

I think opening the wine bottle is fake. But how in the world can you hit a birdie with a stick?

Two hospitalized after car fire in downtown Beijing

Source: China Daily

BEIJING -- The Beijing government information office has provided Xinhua with a statement on the car fire which occurred downtown Wednesday afternoon.

It said two of the three people, who were inside the car, were hospitalized for non-life threatening injuries.

Xinhua has confirmed with two separate sources that there were two men and one woman in the vehicle at the time of the incident. One woman and one man were taken to the hospital.

The information office statement mentioned nothing about the third person.

The statement said the "fire started suddenly" when police stopped the car and came forward to question the passengers inside at around 2:50 p.m.. Police then extinguished the fire.

The office said earlier that three people "set fire to themselves" while inside the car.

The statement went on to say, "police found something abnormal about the car" before they stopped it at the southern end of Wangfujing avenue.

"The three people came to Beijing for personal petitions," the Beijing government information office said.

The car had a non-Beijing license plate. But the people's identities have not been released.

This is just sad. Not the 3 people injured part. The Government part.

A) The Beijing government information office

It's a car accident. If a car accident happens in your town, does the Whitehouse or State Legislature issue a statement and a car blew up?

B) Three people set themselves in fire.

Oh nooooo, there's nothing wrong with good Chinese cars.. one could never get into an accident or blow up. These people must have SET THEMSELVES ON FIRE

C) The fire started suddenly

Ah since setting themselves on fire was no believable lets just cover this up and say the fire started suddenly.

The steps the Chinese government makes to cover up even the tiniest of issues is embarrassing. Just report the facts. You're not a perfect society, shit will happen. Cars will blow up, water will go bad, people will jump off buildings, mines will collapse and birds will get the flu. How about trying to solve the problem instead of hiding it?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bobby Jindal = FAIL

Ah the great Asian-American republican hope. The man that will bring the Republicans back into primetime and return to power. The man that can match Obama colour for colour.

That speech was a fucking disgrace. I'm republican and I just watched in shock.

If you or I stood in front of a camera, then we'd freeze because of our inexperience.
For all of you that say television is easy, it's definitely not. I was in front of the camera many many years ago and it's not easy at all. So I appreciate that.

But he looked so unprepared. Biggest speech of his life, a prepared statement, and he's reading it off a teleprompter? Surely, he could have memorized that and just made his speech with feeling. You're going against Obama, you have to 'sound' better than time. He lectured to Americans. But I'm afraid all the grade 1 students had gone to bed.

In sports we would call this a choke. A first overall pick that had great potential that couldn't hack it in the big leagues. Ryan Leaf, Alexandre Daigle, Kwame Brown and now, Bobby Jindal.

Or one of my favorite expression: "You drive for show and putt for dough". The American media and people are quick to pounce. You can do good for 100 years and if you make one mistake, you're done. If Jindal shows his face again, people will always remember this awful speech. In this youtube generation it is there forever.

He's done.

This speech was almost as bad as Stephane Dion's speech when the camera was an inch away from his nose and he was asking the country to make time the next Prime Minister.

Youtube Link

McDonalds Hockey Commercials

Source: Calgary Puck

Those that know me, know I am frequently on the Calgary Puck forum discussing a variety of issues. What makes the forum great is that even though it's a group of Flames fans, they talk not only about the Flames but what Flames fans are interested in (which is pretty much anything). Their "Off-Topic" is hilarious and would rival any forum of any kind.

So as I was surfing this morning, I found a thread with the old and new Mcdonalds hockey commercials. More on that later. One thing that's always bugs me about Asians is our kneejerk reaction to anything that might mock Asians. From yellow-face, to the Chinese or Japanese accent or the chinky-eye or just plain being "too Asian", a phrase I absolutely detest.

Here's an example: a 4 billion dollar lawsuit against Miley Cyrus


So here's the first commercial with a french-canadian accent.

Youtube Link

Are french-canadians insulted? I've never heard anything. They probably had a good laugh.

Here's the newest one with a Russian accent.

Youtube Link

I wonder if Russian's are insulted. I doubt it. They're probably having a good laugh.

I'm a hockey fan so I love these cute commercials. I can't wait for the 3rd commercial when obviously the Quebec goalie and Russian sniper faceoff!

If you're Asian and you get easily uptight and protective whenever you see an Asian stereotype and if you laughed at these two commercials, then you're a hypocrite, plain and simple.

House of 1,000 windows

Source: Ananova

A new office block being built in China is believed to have the most windows of any building of its size in the world.

The nine-storey building, designed by Japanese architect Sako Keiichiro, has close to a 1,000 windows, reports Today Morning.

People walking past the new development in Jinhua say it makes them feel dizzy if they look at the building for too long because it's so unusual.

One local newspaper journalist counted 113 windows in the 15 rooms of the 9th floor, and said one room alone had 21 windows.

Japanese creativity with unlimited Chinese money. What could go wrong?

Asian Ripoff XXXVII - Holding Out For A Hero

Remember Footloose? :)

Artist: Miki Asakura
Language: Japanese

Youtube Link

A little more recent.

Artist: Nakazawa Yuko

Youtube Link

Monday, February 23, 2009

Edison Chen testifies

Source: Globe and Mail
Source: Toronto Star

VANCOUVER – Asian pop star Edison Chen, who fled Hong Kong in disgrace a year ago after nude photos of himself with other celebrities were posted on the Internet, is scheduled to appear in an unusual court hearing today in Vancouver.

After months of silence, Chen, a singer and actor who grew up in Vancouver and is one of Asia's most recognized celebrities, is to testify before a Hong Kong judge and lawyers over the next five days. A Canadian judge and Hong Kong's chief magistrate will be co-commissioners at the hearing as Hong Kong police question Chen.

The hearing is taking place in Vancouver because Chen, 28, refused to return to Hong Kong to give evidence at the trial of computer technician Sze Ho-Chun, who is facing charges of distributing via the Internet pictures of the actor having sex with female celebrities.

"This is part of the judicial proceedings. Since the proceedings are in progress, no further details can be disclosed," an official with the Hong Kong police said in an email to the Toronto Star.

Chen's fame skyrocketed after the photos appeared and Google said last December his name was the most searched in Asia.

Other polls in Asia put him behind only U.S. President Barack Obama as the news person of the year and more newsworthy than the Beijing Olympics, the devastating earthquake in China's Sichuan province and the tainted milk scandal.

Chen's trouble began after he took his broken laptop in for repairs in Hong Kong.

Shortly afterwards, explicit photos of him with different women, some identifiable as famous actresses, singers and models, began appearing online.

Strange case. Not sure what they're trying to determine here in Canada. Edison should just go back to Hong Kong in April and testify against Sze. I hope the computer repairman gets convicted. What an evil thing to do just for some notoriety. I hope he gets famous in jail!

Zhang Ziyi and Jet Li to reunite in New Zealand?

Source: Twitch

Asian big screen superstars, Jet Li, and the Chinese bombshell Zhang Ziyi of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon fame, could have their next starring role in a $20 million New Zealand production.

The film, A Kung Fu Western Love Story, was top of the list of five projects discussed by Chinese film and Government officials and Waitakere City Council yesterday.

“We think it would be fantastic to have two of China’s greatest stars, Jet Li and Zhang Ziyi, to kickstart New Zealand’s co-production venture with China,” said Pacific Culture and Arts Exchange chairman Jim He, who was organizing the talks. “It will definitely make an international impact.”

Interesting. Zhang Ziyi must have 3 or 4 projects on the go! New Zealand eh? I wonder what kind of storyline lumps NZ and China together? Will Jet Li be doing the Haka?

Teenager Lee makes Tour history

Souce: BBC

While I was watching Phil Mickleson huff and puff and make it to the finish line at Riviera, there was an update that 17-year old Danny Lee won in Australia on the European tour. Yes, the European Tour has tournaments everything from Dublin to Singapore. So may now I have to ditch the Japanese hottie for this one eh? I know, I'm so vain.

Being an amateur, he doesn't get to take home the €235,892 first prize! But I wonder if points count for the $20 million year end European Tour tournament in Dubai. That tournament is going to be insane. He should turn pro right now!

He'll be the next sporting hero from New Zealand!

Woman, 48, goes back to school

Source: Ananova

A 48-year-old woman has been admitted as a pupil to a junior school in China.

Xie Zuojin, of Fengkou town, runs a pharmacy but said her illiteracy was making life difficult and losing her business.

Staff in the admissions office at the town's Second Elementary School were amazed when she turned up to register for lessons.

"We suggested she study at home and we provide her with teaching materials while occasionally dispatching a teacher to give private lessons, but she refused, insisting school was the best place for her to study," a teacher told Chutian Metropolis.

See? No home schooling for her! I once read that the literacy rate in China was less than 10% a long time ago. Now that they've switches from traditional writing to simplified, the literacy rate must have increased but still not by much.

Glad to see this women going back to school to learn again!

School's out for kids

Why be home-schooled when I can be your study-buddy :)

Source: AsiaOne

Celebrity couple spurn primary schools to teach two kids at home.

SHE gave up her career to be a full-time mum and now she's a teacher to her children as well.

Former actress Evelyn Tan plans to home school her daughter Kristen, 4, and son Jairus, 2, all the way to Primary 6.

Evelyn, 33, and actor husband Darren Lim, 37, are expecting their third child - she is currently four months' pregnant.

The pros and cons of home schooling have been debated here.

Evelyn and Darren say they believe in it and are not worried their children will fall behind kids who go through the national school system.

Really? I can understand professionals such as teachers or nurses home school their children because they feel the public school system is poor.

What the heck do two actors know to be home schooling their kids? As far as I know the school system in Singapore is excellent and doesn't have as many problems as the public schools in Canada (and I am a fan of the public schools here).

Darren said home schooling was his idea because as a student, he used to feel like an 'outcast'.

The self-confessed 'non-mathematically-inclined' actor said he wanted his children to have a more 'hands-on learning approach' to schooling.

For that, Evelyn uses the Accelerated Christian Education phonics-based programme, which uses role-playing and storytelling.

So by preventing your children from being outcasts, you shield them from everything in the world. Smooth. These kids better be beautiful and be actors when they grow up cause they're going to be spoiled brats!

City forbids bright clothes for public servants

Source: Reuters

BEIJING (Reuters) - Public servants in the gritty central Chinese city of Zhengzhou should not sport "unnatural hair styles" or wear clothes that are too colorful, according to new city regulations.

From now on, Zhengzhou city officials should make sure their clothing matches and stay away from bright color schemes, the regulations specify.

Neatness and order are the order of the day.

"Don't just dress any which way," the regulations order.

Zhengzhou, the capital of land-locked Henan province, is better known for its agricultural futures exchange and railway station than for its sense of style.

But no specific breach triggered the latest set of rules, which are "designed to improve the image of our public servants," an official at Zhengzhou's central government office told Reuters on Monday.

Is this like having to wear white at Wimbledon? Is this a class society thing that public servants have wear dark colors and the nobility wear colours? The picture above has some very nice colours in chinese traditional dress?

This would be like people in Pittsburgh only allowed to wear black and gold while people in Washington or New York get to wear colours!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tom Cruise to Get 'Lost for Words' with Ziyi

Source: Chienglish

The stalled production of the Hollywood romantic comedy "Lost for Words" might get a jumpstart with the possible addition of Tom Cruise to the cast.

Universal Pictures, which is producing the film, reportedly invited the Hollywood star to step in as the lead to fill the vacancy left by British actor Hugh Grant, according to leading U.S. showbiz magazine 'Variety'.

Grant quit the project last October after a disagreement about the screenplay with Richard Curtis, his longtime partner in previous films and the producer of "Lost for Words." After Grant's departure, Zhang Ziyi, the lead actress in the film, returned to China to shoot another film.

According to media reports, Universal is currently contacting Tom Cruise on the contract.

"Lost for Words" is about a love triangle in which a Hollywood actor falls for his Chinese director after romancing her translator during their making of a film. Susanne Bier, the Danish filmmaker and former Oscar nominee, will direct the movie.

Tom Cruise? Awful! Would have been better with Hugh Grant. I'm not sure Cruise can play a romantic lead anymore. Love Triangle, I wonder who the third guy will be.

Don't like this one. Cruise is just trying to get into the lucrative China market. It'll just be a mail-in performance.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

South Korean housewife breaks world marathon singing record


A SOUTH Korean housewife has broken a world record in marathon singing after crooning for more than 76 hours without stopping at a Seoul karaoke bar, local record verifiers say.

Kim Sun-Ok, 54, broke the 75-hour Guinness World Record held by Marcus Lapratt of the United States, the private Korea Record Institute said.

She started singing at 11.14am local time on Thursday and sang a total of 1,283 tunes before she gave up at 3.21pm on Saturday following her family's appeal for her to quit for the sake of her health, it said.

Under Guinness World Record regulations, she was given 30-second breaks between songs and five-minute breaks every hour. She was also barred from singing any song she had already sung less than four hours earlier.

"My sister has had a very strong sense of determination since she was young. Once she sets her mind to anything, she finishes it," her brother, Kwang-Jin, told South Korea's Yonhap news agency.

The Korea Record Institute said it would submit video footage of Kim's feat to the Guinness authorities for official recognition as the new title holder in "longest singing marathon by an individual."

Wow. I wonder how her voice sounded after about 2 hours! 76 hours in insane! I can't even stay awake for more than 24 hours. Need beauty sleep!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Asian Ripoff XXXVI - One More Try

Here's an oldie :)

Artist: Hacken Lee
Language: Cantonese

Youtube Link

China's artificially induced snow closes 12 highways

Source: Reuters

BEIJING (Reuters) - China closed 12 highways around the capital Beijing on Thursday because of heavy snow brought on after seeding clouds with chemicals, state media said on Thursday.

All outbound highways were closed in Hebei, the drought-hit northern province surrounding Beijing, after heavy snow fell on Wednesday night, Xinhua news agency said.

In all, 12 highways, including one linking Beijing and Shenyang, capital of northeastern Liaoning province, were closed.

Hebei got its first heavy snow of this year on Wednesday. The provincial weather bureau said that snow too was "enhanced" by artificial seeding.

Ok if they can make it snow, can't they make it not snow? Calgary had a record snowfall this winter (I think). And if they can make it rain, can't they make it not rain? Rain needs to be stopped for important events in the world. Like cricket :)

N.B. education minister orders end to race-based Grade 4 assignment

Source: CBC

New Brunswick's education minister has ordered the cancellation of a school assignment that asked children which lives they would save if they had to choose among different ethnic groups.

Kelly Lamrock's move came after outrage was expressed by a mother at the school.

"I can't mince words," Lamrock said. "It is unacceptable in every way. Whatever the intent was, it invites and encourages defining people by stereotypes. It needs to stop."

The education minister said the objective of promoting cultural diversity is a part of the curriculum, but that specific class project is not.

The assignment for the Grade 4 students at École Mont-Carmel in Ste-Marie-de-Kent was based on the notion that the planet was about to explode.

The students had three spaces in a rocket ship and they had to decide which person they would save among the following: an Acadian francophone, a Chinese person, a black African, an English person and an aboriginal person.

Looks like this student chose the Acadian, American and African. The Chinese guy is toast. At least the decision was a difficult one!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Next One - Ryo Ishikawa

Woohoo for pink shirts! He's cute! :)

Source: Irish Times

IT WASN’T quite the “Bashful Prince” of Bel-Air. But Ryo Ishikawa’s charming and chaotic opening press conference at the Northern Trust Open was easily the highlight of the build-up to a €5 million tournament that features 30 of the world’s top-50.

Two of the leading men, defending champion Phil Mickelson and another three-time major winner, Pádraig Harrington, are going through the horrors with their games and are undoubtedly grateful to avoid the glare of the spotlight.

Ishikawa appeared to be meditating as more than 100 media types, mainly Japanese photographers and TV camermen, jostled for position before the 17-year-old sensation addressed the great American public for the first time.

He's gotten off to a rough start this morning though +3 after 8 holes. He's going to find it difficult in the US on these insane courses but I hope he can get a PGA tour card in a few years and play regularly! I'll be following him very closely (drool) :P

Chocolate Beer!

Source: Mike's Blender

Most people, if told they could buy three cans of chocolate beer for 1480 yen (about 15 bucks) would probably just say 'meh' and move on with their lives. Fortunately for the guys at Sapporo (Japanese beer giant) and Royce (Japanese chocolate company) there are two types of people who are not going to say 'meh' to getting their hands on this limited edition malt flavoured chocolate beer. The first type are suckers (born every minute), and then you've got the suckers with blogs (a bit rarer, born only once a day).

So anyway, unlike some websites who will just post about this second hand, I'm actually sipping a chocolate brew right now to get me in the mood for this article. Let's get started.

I'm the sucker with a blog that will definitely that loves beer :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gillian Chung is coming back

Source: Yahoo

Gillian Chung, whose career was badly affected by the outburst of sex photo scandal involving Edison Chen last year, will be resuming work next month by starting on movie and commercial shoots. Chung may also be answering a talk show invite where she will reveal her life and emotions after the scandal in the past year.

Her first strike back into showbiz will be James Yuen's new movie, where the role as a third party in a relationship is said to be "made-to-measure" for her. Her partner in girl group, Twins, Charlene Choi will cast as the "official girlfriend" in the love triangle. According to Hong Kong media reports, CEO of Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG), Albert Yeung, has invited Andy Lau, who has a healthy image, to "shield" Chung in a successful return, by casting together in several movies.

Some people have all the luck eh? Be the main player in a scandal and still get rescued by everyone. Don't you wish you were this lucky?

What do you all think? She's fairly cute but nothing special that you'd die without her. She can't really sing without a partner. She can't really act in the few roles that she's been in. She can't act without Charlene Choi who can act alone.

How does she comes back after this scandal? Her entire image is the squeaky clean girl. Can she play a villain? Can she play a femme fatal? Can she play a role that a younger actress out of film school can't play? Cause if they cast her again as the innocent cutie-pie girl then it's just be embarrassing.

She's very ordinary. So she's going to go on a show like "Oprah" and cry. Some people may feel sorry for her but most will always be reminded of those sex pictures whenever they see her in commercials. Especially the older generation.

If it was a more famous person like Gong Li or Zhang Ziyi or Maggie Q then the world would welcome a comeback from unfortunate circumstances. But Gillian is nobody. I think it's a big mistake by these film companies and there will be a backlash.

Hello Kitty Nude Drawing (NSFW — or your sanity)

Source: Hello Kitty Hell

Sometimes there just aren’t words… (the art image may not be safe for work and it is definitely not safe for your mind or future sanity — I seriously advise that you click away now, go to some other site and enjoy the entertainment that they provide, because if you choose to reject my words, the image is going to haunt you for the rest of the day, week, month and year. You have been warned…)

It's not that shocking. It's a bit disturbing but what did you expect? It's Japan! At least there were no tentacles involved. :)

DVD thief went back for remote

Source: Ananova

A burglar who stole a DVD player in China was arrested - when he went back for the remote.

But the thief was allowed to go free - when police officers ruled the £100 DVD player was not valuable enough for them to press charges.

Song, 25, of Chengdu, first broke into the house in December. He later realised he had forgotten the remote control so broke into the same building again a month later.

But this time he found the owner, Dai, watching television in the living room, reports Chengdu Business Daily.

Under pressure from Dai, Song admitted he had been responsible for the previous raid and Dai escorted him to the police station to report the crime.

But to Dai's amazement, police said the £100 DVD player was not worth enough to prosecute Song and he was set free.

What kind of law is that? So I can go around China a steal a bunch of stuff that's less than £100? £100 is alot of money in China. Here in Canada you get charged for stealing a piece of candy or a button!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Asian Ripoff XXXV - Lemon Tree

I never knew Lemon Tree was such a popular song!

Artist: Tarcy Su
Language: Mandarin

Youtube Link

Artist: Park Hye Kyung
Language: Korean

Youtube Link

I've heard a Vietnamese version as well but I can't find it.

Chinese mistress contest takes tragic turn

Yes another excuse to put up a Gong Li picture

Source: CNN

BEIJING, China (CNN) -- A married Chinese businessman who could no longer afford five mistresses held a competition to decide which one to keep.

But the contest took a fatal turn when one of the women, eliminated for her looks, drove the man and the four other competitors off a cliff, Chinese media reported.

The spurned mistress died and the other passengers were injured, the reports said.

Police initially thought the car had plummeted off a mountain road in eastern China on December 6 by accident. Then they learned of the contest through a letter the dead woman had left behind, the Shanghai Daily newspaper said.

The 29-year-old woman, identified only as Yu, was a waitress when she met the businessman at a restaurant in the coastal city of Qingdao in 2000.

At the time, the businessman, identified only by his last name -- Fan -- was married and had four other mistresses, according to the Peninsula Metropolis Daily newspaper in Qingdao.

The women knew of one another, but none elected to break up with the man and give up their rent-free apartment and a 5,000 yuan ($730) monthly allowance, the reports said.

Isn't that the sad state of China when you have to be a mistress just to get an apartment? And a contest! That's brilliant. Did he actually think that having this competition the other women who 'lost' would be happy to give up their apartment. He didn't even get out of the first round! Not surprising that the first loser drove everyone off a cliff. Maybe they'll be his mistresses again in the underworld!

Asian elephants under increasing threat as illegal ivory prices soar

Source: e! Science News

Southeast Asia's few surviving elephants are under increasing threat from booming illegal ivory prices in Vietnam, according to a new market analysis released by TRAFFIC – the world's largest wildlife trade monitoring network and a joint program of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and IUCN. The survey reports that Vietnamese illegal ivory prices could be the highest in the world, with tusks selling for up to $1,500 per kilogram (1 kilogram = 2.2 pounds) and small, cut pieces selling for up to $1,863 per kilogram.

Vietnam's law allows stores to sell ivory legally in stock before the 1992 prohibition on the possession and dealing in raw and worked ivory. Some shopowners restock illegally with recently-made worked ivory that they claim was from pre-1992 stock.

There is already solid evidence that Asian elephants are in trouble across the region. IUCN data reports that no more than 1,000 elephants are estimated in Laos – and fewer than 150 are believed to exist in Vietnam.

You'll all have to help me here. Why is Ivory so expensive and what is it used for?

Promising shuttler quits

Source: The Straits Times

ONE of Singapore's rising foreign badminton talents has quit the national team, complaining that he was told to either take up citizenship or go.

Doubles specialist Riky Widianto, 17, who has been here since 2005, flew home to Indonesia yesterday after tendering his resignation to the Singapore Badminton Association (SBA) earlier this month.

Badminton officials had wanted him to become Singaporean in time to represent the country at this year's South-east Asia Games, but Riky said his parents felt he was too young to make the move.

'I wanted to stay and fulfill my dream as a badminton champion for Singapore,' he told The Straits Times. 'But I had no choice because the association told me I had to become a citizen now, or quit.

'My family told me to wait another year or two, but the SBA couldn't wait.'

Of course what the article fails to mention is that if Riky were to become a citizen, guess what happens the second he turns 18?

TWO-year compulsory military service!

Singapore is making a habit out of getting foreigners to play for them. I don't think there are even any Singaporeans on the national football team!

Woman freaks the fuck out in Hong Kong

Ho-ly shit. An instant classic for our troubled times.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Japanese Schoolgirls Snowboarding

Do you like schoolgirls?
Do you like snowboarding?

Then you'll like this :)

Youtube Link

Chinese blogger stabbed after public reading

Source: AP

BEIJING (AP) — A Chinese blogger whose satirical postings have gained a wide following was stabbed in the stomach at a Beijing book store after giving a reading, witnesses and friends said Monday.

Xu Lai, who writes under the pseudonym Qian Liexian, was attacked Saturday evening at the Wanda branch of the Beijing Danxiangjie Book Store, a staffer there confirmed Monday.

He was meeting readers "and it happened after that," said the clerk, who declined to give her name as is common among Chinese. She gave no other details.

Xu, who is also culture editor at the Beijing News paper, was apparently stabbed in the store's bathroom by two men who later fled, according to friends and fellow bloggers who posted the news online.

The motive was unclear for the assault, which was the first known physical attack on a prominent blogger.

Xu's blog, entitled "Qian Liexian Wants to Speak," offers witty, satirical observations on society and politics. At times provocative, he has also commented on government corruption and the recent scandal of milk contaminated with an industrial chemical.

Last year, he was listed among the "20 Most Influential Figures in China's Cyberspace" by Southern Metropolis Weekly. Xu was in a Beijing hospital Monday recovering after surgery for his wounds, which were not life-threatening, according to postings by friends on the Web site.

"According to the doctor, there was only a small hole in his stomach, and no other injuries were found in his other organs," one post said. "The doctor said it seemed that he was in a good condition. So people who care for him should not worry."

Top 10: Culture-Shock Cities

Source: AskMen

Sometimes our travel plans need shaking up. Westernized cities have turned our trips of discovery into trips we could probably experience within a mile of home, without the hefty ticket price and lofty hotel reservation. In an attempt to show explorers that the great unknown is out there -- without Hyatt hotels, English-speaking tour operators and fast-food outlets at every turn -- we’ve unearthed 10 culture-shock cities that will put the adrenaline-pumping excitement back into traveling.

Bangkok is absolutely a shocking place. How can you have a prostitute, a transvestite standing in fromt of a Buddhist temple!?

And how can any city from Japan not be on this list!?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Movie Reviews - Feburary 15, 2009

Source: LoveHKFilm

Claustrophobia (HK)

Ivy Ho's Claustrophobia tells the story of an office romance that never really happens, and is by turns realistic, affecting and frustrating. Easier to appreciate than it is to enjoy, the film nevertheless feels accomplished thanks to its craft, its patience, and its uncompromising emotions.

Youtube Link

Go Go 70s

Choi Ho's Korean take of the musical biopic shines when it comes to capturing the excitement of 70s Go Go music, but it doesn't have enough drama and characters to sustain its momentum.

Youtube Link

Truck (Korea)

This Korean thriller emulates both the best and worst of a Hollywood B-movie. At times gripping and intense, the film delivers exactly what one would expect from such a film with its gimmick.

Youtube Link

I Not Stupid Too

This follow-up to Jack Neo’s local blockbuster I Not Stupid is a well-intentioned comedy-drama that examines the often strained relationship between parents and their teenage kids. However, the film’s heavy-handed didacticism, scattershot social commentary, shrewish depiction of adults, and naïve view of juvenile delinquency undermine the film’s overall message and take away from the consistently likeable performances from its young stars.

Youtube Link

Mismatched Couples (HK) (1985)

Donnie Yen fights Dick Wei while wearing eyeliner and tight eighties outfits. He also wears a pink shirt and breakdances. Obviously, Mismatched Couples is totally worth your time and money.

Entire Movie:

Youtube Link


Canadian bakes cute cakes in Japan

Source: Japan Probe

A Fuji TV news report about Chris MacDonald, a Canadian who creates and sells cakes in Japan:

Youtube Link

Chris lives in Bizen City in Okayama Prefecture. He got into the cake business after marrying a Japanese woman in Canada and moving back to Japan with her to take over her family’s Japanese confectionery shop.

The Panda-shaped cake he invented has proven to be a huge success. The shop sold 10,000 of them last year and they now sell about 50 of them a day (at a price of 8000 yen each). Chris loves seeing the happy faces of customers who buy his cakes.

At the end of the segment, they ask Chris to make a special cake version of Fuji TV news anchor Taro Kimura. The final product is quite cool.

8000 yen! 110 Canadian! That's expensive! But it would be nice to eat a panda.

Valentine's Day Top 20 Songs in Japan

Youtube Link

20. Nidome no Kanojo - SID
19. First Love - Utada Hikaru
18. Kiss ~Kaerimichi no Love Song - Tegomasu
17. Kiseki - GReeeeN
16. Doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattan darou? - THSK
15. Can you celebrate? - Namie Amuro
14. Kimi no suki na uta - UVERworld
13. Lion heart - Smap
12. Soba ni iru ne - Aoyama Thelma feat. SoulJa
11. Love so sweet - Arashi
10. Fragile - Every Little Thing
9. Love letter - Gackt
8. Tsunami - Southern All Stars
7. Ai uta - GReeeeN
6. Shirushi - Mr. Children
5. 366 nichi - HY
4. Tada...Aitakute - EXILE
2. Love love love - Dreams Come True
1. One Love - Arashi

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Asian Ripoff XXXIV - I Love To Hate You!

Artist: Grasshopper
Language: Cantonese

I loved this when I was a kid and had no idea it was a cover song. I just thought it was a cool Grasshopper song! Gotta love the old school dancing!

Youtube Link

And as a bonus here's Grasshopper with Shirley Kwan singing So Sad as part of a medley.

Youtube Link

Friday, February 13, 2009

Blood: The Last Vampire Teaser Trailer

Youtube Link

A 31-second teaser for Chris Nahon and Pathé's live-action film adaptation of Mamoru Oshii and Hiroyuki Kitakubo's Blood: The Last Vampire anime. The screenplay is credited to the Production I.G anime's Kenji Kamiyama and Hong Kong's Ronny Yu. South Korea's Jeon Ji-hyun (under the credited name of Gianna Jun) plays the main character Saya, a 16-year-old sword-wielding girl hunting down supernatural creatures. Japanese actress Koyuki plays her opponent Onigen.

The film will open in Japan on May 29 (under the title Last Blood), in the United Kingdom on June 12, and then in France on June 17. No American release plans for the movie have been officially announced yet.

Valentine Rules in Asia

Source: Alpha Asian

Found this very funny video on Alpha Asian. (Thanks James)

Youtube Link

Woohoo! THRICE as much!!

Namie Amuro Coca Cola Zero Commercial

New commercial in Japan with pop idol Namie Amuro.

Youtube Link

I assume the bottle on the floor is the last thing you'd notice?


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Korea to Get World's First Robot Theme Park

Source: Chosun

A theme park called Robot Land will be built in Incheon and Masan, the first of its kind. The Ministry of Knowledge Economy said Thursday it would set up the park in the two cities by 2014.

The park, designed to bolster the country's robotics industry, will house play equipment, experience zones, exhibition halls, a stadium, research and education centers, and corporate facilities.

Hmm Robot Disney? I don't know. Will there be robots everywhere? Will there big lines? Will robots serve you or fondle you when you in line? Lots of questions to be answered.

Personalized Podcars Float Over Abu Dhabi

Source: io9

A Jetsons-style transit system is set to roll out around Masdar City - electric, elevated podcars that can carry a few passengers at a time around the city, between several customizable destinations.

That looks really cool. To be traveling in little pods zooming by normal traffic!

Mooning for freedom

Can't show a picture of someone mooning so you get a picture of a duck's ass. Ever hear the expression from your mom "Go comb your hair, it's sticking up like a duck's ass"? Now you know :)

Source: Ananova

A Chinese thief who was chased into a dead end tried to scare off his pursuers by dropping his trousers and mooning at them.

Passers-by gave chase after the man forced open a motorcycle pannier and stole a woman's purse in Fuzhou city.

Shoppers and traders chased the thief into a cul-de-sac after the victim, Ms Wei, raised the alarm, reports Straits News.

"Just as we were about to catch up with him, he suddenly dropped his pants and flashed his butt towards us, shaking his waist," said Ms Wei.

The shocked pursuers didn't know what to do for a second before one man stepped forward and grabbed the thief, telling him to pull up his pants.

The criminal reportedly told police that he had realised he was trapped and came up with the escape plan when he realised many of his pursuers were women.

"I thought that if they covered their eyes out of modesty, I could then grab the opportunity to escape," he said.

HAHA that might work in 1900 but not today. Women aren't so modest anymore :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Not In Public Please

Over the last week or so I've encountered four separate incidents about how people act that is just embarrassing. And yes for the record, all these incidents involved Asian people. There are very simple, common sense things you can do in your house but when you're in public around people, try to be more discreet please!

Incident 1: My parents and I were invited to a Lunar New Year dinner in Chinatown a week ago. My aunt and uncle were there also. Now I know my aunt eats alot but I would expect that in public she would tone down. Nope! We had one of those 10 course meals where the dish is set in the middle and everyone takes a bit. She was always the first one to grab and then her husband (my uncle) would eat very little and slide some food over to her and then make excuses that he was hungry or his tooth was hurting. So embarrassing. My mom called him (her little brother) the next day and gave him a good scolding.

Incident 2: My friend is an interior designer and he just finished decorating a new Vietnamese restaurant in town. So I got invited to lunch to celebrate him completing this contract. Now whenever someone is treating you for lunch, you order normally or maybe even a little bit less than usual. Unless of course it's a bet then you order as much as possible to rub it in. :) There was this couple with two small kids. The mom would tell her kids "oooooh, order this... the shrimp looks great, the lobster looks ever better, order this, order that. Now kids aren't going to eat alot. She was just using her kids to order more for her! As if nobody saw. My friend was clearly pissed off but what can he do? It's his mistake for inviting them. So that's a lesson for him. But that's just plain embarrassing.

My advice to you, eat a bit at home before you go. If you like to eat something, go buy it on your own and pig out! Not in public please!

Incident 3: I went to gym on Sunday with a bunch of people to play badminton and run on the indoor track. Among these people, there was an older lady, her son and a grandson. They were giving me a ride home and the lady wanted to pick up something specific from the bakery. I was tired and sort of nodding off in the back seat so I didn't care. We stop at the first bakery. "Mom, give me $20 so I can buy the cookies, I'll pay you back the change." That woke me up. Why so formal? It's mother and son. Just pay yourself. And if you don't have the money the phrase it differently. For example, 'Mom, I left my money and don't have enough, can you lend me some?". All the details about change and who owes who what can be talked about AT HOME.

Then it got weirder. The store didn't have the cookies they wanted so he came back to the car and returned the $20 to her. Then they went to the next store and he asked to borrow the $20 again... no cookies, so he returned the $20. This happened four times! For fucks sakes, you're an adult, hold onto the $20 until you can buy it, return the money when you GET HOME. So embarrassing.

Incident 4: This one goes a bit further back. One of my friends was carpooling us (four girls) to a Christmas party. It was freezing cold, about -25C. I hopped into the car first and it was cold! He offered me a blanket but I refused. Once I got used to the car I would be ok. The next two girls do the same. The last girl immediately takes the blanket cause she was really cold (and under dressed). Taking the blanket isn't that big of a deal. But she whined and complained about being cold the entire way. Even bitching about why the car was so old and didn't have enough heat. The car had plenty of heat, he had been driving for over 30 minutes already. I was pretty warm in my thick winter jacket! This may not be a "common sense" story like the others, it's just a spoiled brat story I guess. We had to drive her home and hear her bitching too.

At least she didn't pig out at the Christmas dinner.


EDIT: I got one more.

Don't invite people to a party you're invited to. I was at a housewarming party a couple of weeks ago and all of a sudden some strangers rolled in. The host didn't know who they were. One of the invitees took it upon herself to invite her own guest to this party. Don't do that! It's embarrassing. The host has to put in alot of work for the party from the food to the decorations and making the house look nice. When invited you a guest, don't invite other people! If you want to invite people, throw you own party and pay for everything!

Lantern Festival in Tianjin

Source: UPI

Chinese shop for traditional decorations to celebrate the annual lantern festival in the city of Tianjin, located 100 km (62 miles) east of Beijing February 9, 2009. The lantern festival marks the last day of the two-week Chinese lunar new year. or Spring Festival.

The pictures shown in the article are really beautiful. I really do have to spend the lunar new year in Asia one of these years.

The Mode-Gakuen Spiral Towers

Source: Inhabitat

Scholastic architecture doesn’t get much better than these stunning Mode-Gakuen Spiral Towers in Nagoya, Japan. The shimmering towers corkscrew 36 stories [170 m] above the busy streets of Nagoya, Japan, and house educational facilities for three different disciplines in three tapered ‘wings’ - fashion design, computer programming and a medical support. Architectural group Nikken Sekkei included a host of ecological features in the towers including a double-glassed air flow window system and a natural air ventilation system.

That would be a really fun building to work in. I wonder if the inside also has funny angles so that you get lost getting from on corner to the next. No buildings like this here in Calgary. It's all just plain conventional.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Cosplay of NYCC

Here is a photo gallery of the New York Comic Convention. My favorite costumes are of Superman and Wonder Women show above.

Part 1

Part 2

Which costumes caught your eye?

Asian Ripoff XXXIII - Venus

Another Japanese one, going back to the 80s!

Artist: Nagayama Yoko
Languge: Japanese

Youtube Link

Monday, February 9, 2009

High Tech Misery in China

Source: The National Labor Committee

Table of Contents

1) Introduction: The New Assembly Line
2) Dongguan Meitai Plastics & Electronics Factory
3) Brainwashing
4) All Employees should regard the factory as home—but…
5) Big Brother is Watching
6) Export Subsidies in China HELPED Duty-free Entry to the U.S.
7) Hours—Excessive forced overtime
8) Lenovo and The Olympics
9) Wages: Workers cheated of up to 19 percent
10) Company Dorms…primitive conditions
11) Illegally—Workers Not Inscribed in national Social Security Health Insurance
12) Health & Safety violations

“Infractions” punished with the loss of over two hours’ wages (fine of 10 RMB--$1.44), including for—

--“Being 1 to 5 minutes late to start a shift…”

--“Not periodically trimming fingernails, which will affect product quality.”

--“Not lining up correctly while punching time cards or at the cafeteria.”

--“Wearing work shoes outside the work room after work.”

--“Putting hands in pant pockets while inside the factory or workroom.”

“Infractions” punished with the loss of 4 ½ hours wages (20 RMB fine, $2.88)

--“…answering a personal telephone call in the workroom.”

--“Not diligently working or raising ones head to look around when guests or cadres come to visit.”

--“Putting personal objects on the work desk.”

--“…listening to the radio while on the job.”

--“Not parking bicycles according to company regulations; riding bicycles in and out of the company in a way not in accordance with company regulations.”

--“Returning to the dorm after regulated hours [curfew].”

“Infractions” punished with the loss of nearly seven hours’ wages (30 RMB fine--$4.32)

--“Switching beds without authorization.” (Dorm beds are assigned by management.)

“Infractions” punished with the loss of nearly 1 ½ days’ wages (50 RMB fine--$7.20)

--“Workers who arrive over one hour late…”

--“Riding the elevator without permission.”

--“Plugging in electronics [using electricity] in the dorm room for personal use.”

--“Using the company phone to make personal calls.”

--“Producing products of low quality…”

--“Workers who…go to visit other workers during working hours.”

--“Chatting at the workstation during work hours…”

--“Entering or leaving the factory area without allowing door personnel [security guards] to inspect [search workers].”

--“Treating supervisors with an arrogant attitude…”

“Infractions” punished with the loss of nearly three days’ wages (100 RMB fine--$14.40):

--“Leaving one’s workstation without permission…”

--“Putting up personal notices…or handing out flyers.”

--“Revealing confidential company or production-related information.”

“Infractions” punished with firing:

--“Violating labor discipline…and not obeying the company’s work arrangements.”

--“…Taking part in illegal organizations.” [In China, this means independent unions; human, women’s and children’s rights organizations and non-state-sanctioned religious organizations.]

--“Not following the procedures spelled out by government regulations on stopping work, slowing work down, encouraging others to stop or slow down work.”

--“Missing three days of work.”

--“Disobeying China’s one-child policy.”

--“Not obeying company arrangements or directions or…collectively causing trouble as a group…”

--“Any behavior similar to that listed above or helping or colluding in such behavior.”

WHAT? Exploitative, low wage factory jobs in CHINA?!

Cue the sound of my monocle dropping to the floor in horror

But ... but ... China is SUPPOSED to be a Communist country, where the WORKERS own the means of PRODUCTION!