Monday, February 9, 2009

Trouble for nude photo clinic

Source: AsiaOne

TAIPEI - A TAIWAN clinic is likely to be fined after allowing two of its nurses to pose nude in an advertising campaign.

'Of course we're going to prosecute. What they did violates the law,' said Chen Yueh-ying, a Tainan city health department official.

Taiwan businesses often photograph young, fashionably dressed woman for advertisements or put them on stage for promotional events, but they are seldom shown naked.

Mr Chen told Reuters that clinics were not the same as normal businesses, and the adverts fell foul of medical conduct rules.

Strange law. You can have a girl practically naked hold up an iPhone in an ad but because this is medical there are different laws? I would think that the health department be exempt because they are usually using nude models to raise money for a causes such as breast cancer. And the ad isn't nude! There are no naughty bits being shown.

Taiwan's United Daily News, which carried one of the photos in question on Saturday, said the shots had outraged a local nurses association, which complained that their profession's image had been soiled.

Oh come on! I think the nurse profession has been soiled many times over. Just walk into any porn shop!

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Anonymous said...

I would prefer to say there are no "nice bits" shown ;>)