Monday, February 23, 2009

Woman, 48, goes back to school

Source: Ananova

A 48-year-old woman has been admitted as a pupil to a junior school in China.

Xie Zuojin, of Fengkou town, runs a pharmacy but said her illiteracy was making life difficult and losing her business.

Staff in the admissions office at the town's Second Elementary School were amazed when she turned up to register for lessons.

"We suggested she study at home and we provide her with teaching materials while occasionally dispatching a teacher to give private lessons, but she refused, insisting school was the best place for her to study," a teacher told Chutian Metropolis.

See? No home schooling for her! I once read that the literacy rate in China was less than 10% a long time ago. Now that they've switches from traditional writing to simplified, the literacy rate must have increased but still not by much.

Glad to see this women going back to school to learn again!

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