Monday, February 23, 2009

School's out for kids

Why be home-schooled when I can be your study-buddy :)

Source: AsiaOne

Celebrity couple spurn primary schools to teach two kids at home.

SHE gave up her career to be a full-time mum and now she's a teacher to her children as well.

Former actress Evelyn Tan plans to home school her daughter Kristen, 4, and son Jairus, 2, all the way to Primary 6.

Evelyn, 33, and actor husband Darren Lim, 37, are expecting their third child - she is currently four months' pregnant.

The pros and cons of home schooling have been debated here.

Evelyn and Darren say they believe in it and are not worried their children will fall behind kids who go through the national school system.

Really? I can understand professionals such as teachers or nurses home school their children because they feel the public school system is poor.

What the heck do two actors know to be home schooling their kids? As far as I know the school system in Singapore is excellent and doesn't have as many problems as the public schools in Canada (and I am a fan of the public schools here).

Darren said home schooling was his idea because as a student, he used to feel like an 'outcast'.

The self-confessed 'non-mathematically-inclined' actor said he wanted his children to have a more 'hands-on learning approach' to schooling.

For that, Evelyn uses the Accelerated Christian Education phonics-based programme, which uses role-playing and storytelling.

So by preventing your children from being outcasts, you shield them from everything in the world. Smooth. These kids better be beautiful and be actors when they grow up cause they're going to be spoiled brats!

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