Friday, February 20, 2009

China's artificially induced snow closes 12 highways

Source: Reuters

BEIJING (Reuters) - China closed 12 highways around the capital Beijing on Thursday because of heavy snow brought on after seeding clouds with chemicals, state media said on Thursday.

All outbound highways were closed in Hebei, the drought-hit northern province surrounding Beijing, after heavy snow fell on Wednesday night, Xinhua news agency said.

In all, 12 highways, including one linking Beijing and Shenyang, capital of northeastern Liaoning province, were closed.

Hebei got its first heavy snow of this year on Wednesday. The provincial weather bureau said that snow too was "enhanced" by artificial seeding.

Ok if they can make it snow, can't they make it not snow? Calgary had a record snowfall this winter (I think). And if they can make it rain, can't they make it not rain? Rain needs to be stopped for important events in the world. Like cricket :)


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Roger Williams said...

China is a big fan of cloud seeding, but as they've doubtlessly learned, it's not that hard to turn the taps on. It's impossible to turn them off. :D