Monday, February 2, 2009

Brawl at Muslim Ball Hockey Tournament

Source: CKNW
Source: National Post

A Muslim hockey tournament was shut down yesterday after a large brawl erupted, apparently over religious tensions. The ball hockey tournament was organized by the BC Muslim Association, which is a Sunni Muslim organization. Ahmed Buksh says his 20 and 21 year old sons - who aren't Sunni Muslims - were playing on one of the teams. He says players and spectators attacked his sons when one of them got knocked in the mouth by a stick.He says even before the tournament, some people said his sons shouldn't play. Police were called and the event was shut down. No serious injuries reported.

Brings a tear to my eye. Muslims assimilating into Canadian culture and brawling at hockey games!


Anonymous said...


I just wanted to say that this is not a racial thing there was no talk about what kind of muslim anyone there was. The real story is that it was a fight that broke out in a hockey tournament fights happen in hockey that is the nature of the sport it was wrong but it happened I was there. The buksh Family had made this into a racial issue wich is really wrong and makes muslims look bad they should really be ashamed of themselves and I do have a right to say this as I was there as a spectator for the team that those two kids were playing on and witnessed the whole thing. I even stood outside with the family after the altercation to make sure everyone was okay and I can assure everyone reading these articles that what theBuksh family has made out of this unfortunate event is really sad and untrue!

Degenerasian said...

I agree. This is not a racial issue. Kids let everyone play and fights break out all the time. It's sad to see parents get involved and throw accusations around.

I'm happy they're playing hockey and fighting!