Tuesday, December 29, 2009

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Nose for a nose, ear for an ear

A Pakistani court has ordered the noses and ears of two men cut off after they did the same thing to a young woman whose family spurned one of the men's marriage proposal, a prosecutor said Tuesday.

The anti-terrorism court in the eastern city of Lahore said it was applying Islamic law by ordering the punishment.

Lahore prosecutor Chaudhry Ali Ahmed said one of the accused, Sher Mohammad, was a cousin of the 19-year-old woman and wanted to marry her. Her parents refused his proposal.

Sher Mohammad and a friend, Amanat Mohammad, were accused of kidnapping the woman and cutting off her ears and nose in late September in the Raiwind area of Lahore.

The court on Monday also sentenced each man to 50 years in prison and told them to pay fines and compensation to the woman amounting to several thousand dollars, the prosecutor said.

Pakistan's legal system has Islamic elements that sometimes lead to orders for harsh punishments, but the sentences are often overturned and rarely carried out. Serious crimes are often referred to anti-terrorism courts in Pakistan because they move faster.

Violence against women, especially attacks by spurned lovers, also occurs frequently in this impoverished South Asian nation.

The men have seven days to appeal the ruling, Ahmed said.

Wow! Is marrying cousins allowed? What is the custom?
The parents were correct in refusing to let their daughter marry a cousin right?

This is the right punishment!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Roses That Turn Into Panties!

Source: Japanorama

A bouquet of roses is one of the more romantic gifts
a guy can give his gal. These particular ones especially - though it takes some careful thought beforehand since what appear to be beautiful rose blooms are actually... bloomers.

If you think your beloved one has a good sense of humor and your relationship
has reached a certain level of comfort and familiarity, then go for it. Each lacy faux rose costs just 294 yen
each (about $4) and a bouquet of a dozen will keep her captivatingly clothed for almost half a month.

The perky panties are packaged in the form of a classic long-stemmed rose, detailed with small green leaves around the "flower". The panties themselves are of the "one size fits all" variety, they come individually wrapped in cute flowery cellophane and a small card is included.

Choose from red, pink, yellow, white, aqua, blue, violet and black.

Wow! I'm not sure I can ever look at a bouquet of roses again.


Two Chinese wives spot common husband on social networking site

The TV Series: Two Wives

Source: RIA Novosti

A Chinese man has been arrested on charges of bigamy after his two wives discovered each other on a national social networking site, China Daily said on Wednesday.

The Mexican national of a Chinese origin, identified as Chang, was arrested last week after one of the wives added her husband's "buddies," including the other spouse, to her contact list on Kaixin001, a Chinese version of Facebook. The two women soon became friends.

The bigamy was exposed when they exchanged wedding photos, featuring the same groom.

It turned out that Chang married to a woman from the eastern province of Zhejiang, in 2005. Later, while doing business in Mexico, he met a woman from Beijing, and also married her when he learned she was pregnant.

He managed to keep the secret by telling the wives he was doing business abroad and could not return home frequently. Upon his arrival to China, he usually split his time between the two homes in Zhejiang and Beijing.

The first woman sued her husband, and he was detained while secretly visiting his parents.

Sounds like a stressful situation for the guy. I thought guys worked abroad to GET AWAY from their wives and fool around.

Reminds me of the classic comedy "Diary of a Big Man"

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Top 10 Reasons to Learn Cantonese

Source: Due-East

A friend of mine just sent me a link to a New York Times article about how Cantonese is slowly dying out in New York’s Chinatown. I couldn’t help but get a little sad reading it. Sure, it’s a ridiculously difficult language to learn (which is why it should be spelled Can’t-onese), but it’s also an amazingly interesting language brimming with character. So, here I make my case for why people should try to learn it in addition to Mandarin. Here you are: My top 10 reasons to learn Cantonese!

Reason 1: The Wow Factor – As I said above, Cantonese is ridiculously difficult. Nobody seems to agree on exactly how many tones it has. Some people say 7. Some say 9. And some say over 11, referencing so-called silent tones. Sorry, but if it’s silent, it’s not a tone. But the insistence on the existence of these so-called silent tones only ups the ‘cool factor’ of Cantonese. If you can master it, you’re pretty much an unstoppable language learning force. Native speakers will lavish you with praise, giving your self-esteem a temporary boost (at least until you say something wrong and get made fun of. See reason number 8). And also, I’ll be really jealous of you.


Cantonese is a very cool language. I like it much better than Mandarin. It's clear and easy to understand, even if it sounds a little hard. Mandarin sounds very lazy, lots of words slurred together.

I was totally convinced that Mandarin sucks when I heard Mandarin speakers try to speak English. It's awful. Sure we all know the Cantonese accent for English sounds pretty funny.. but at least it's understandable. I was on China Airlines and the way they spoke English on there with their slurred words and their purposely high-pitched voices.. I might as well have been listening to Mandarin. Didn't understand a word! What if there was a important announcement like... the plane is falling? It was very frustrating.

So yeah. learn Cantonese. Don't let it die!

Skateboarding monk shocks China

Source: Ananova

Photographs of a monk skateboarding inside a historic temple have caused controversy in China.

They were taken by a visitor to the Emei Mountain Temple, in Sichuan province, and posted on the internet, reports Huaxi Metropolis News.

The monastery stands near the top of Mount Emei - the highest of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains of China and the site of the country's first ever Buddhist temple.

Internet users were taken aback by the photographs and posted comments criticising the monk for adopting a "modern fad".

"Monks should seek quietness and riding a skateboard is such a contradictory thing to Buddhist life," said one.

However, a spokesman for the temple said that the outside world did not understand the life of a contemporary monk.

"People get their impressions from TV or movies, where monks are praying all day long, without any motivation or desire," he said.

"But these days monks also enjoy sports like badminton, table tennis and skateboarding in the spare time, as well as praying.

"They even use the internet and mobile phones to promote Buddhism. This is not contradictory to Buddhism but actually is part of the Buddhist spirit."

I'm sick of all these righteous people. It's almost 2010 people. The skateboard is NOT modern fad! It's a 1980s toy.. do people still use skateboards? I haven't seen one in ages.

Also monks have always used technology. I'm sure when the abacus was invented monks were using them. Were people in the streets complaining that monks needed to count on their fingers and seek quietness?

Here in Calgary, I've seen monks at the University. They are invited as guest speakers or they themselves take religious studies and learn about other religions.

I know of temples that have computers there and have their own websites. The notion that monasteries need to be quite and back in the 1800s is false. They are very innovative while still valuing their teachings. Modernizing religion is a good thing, it could bring more people to it in an age where athiestism seems to be the norm.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Asian Ripoff LXXIX - Japanese Christmas

It's Christmas!

Tradition in the Philippines

I know that Christmas is a BIG DEAL in the Philippines.
In fact I think most of my Filipino friends are back home right now!

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Revenge of Facebook

Ah facebook!

Strict Asian parents? You don't say! :)