Thursday, July 30, 2009

GoodBye: Naked News Korea

Source: AllKPop

After barely a month of operations amidst great fanfare, Naked News Korea, which follows the concept of the infamous Naked News, a novelty news, sports and entertainment site featuring stripping presenters, is only a few steps away from disappearing in a flash.

Although official confirmation isn't in yet, it's depressing for Naked News Korea staff after it was revealed that the company is suffering from mismanagement issues and intense scrutiny from everyone in Korea. Even worse was to follow as it was said that the 9 presenters for the station haven't been paid yet.

One of the presenters said, "The company hasn't paid me wages for last month and communications has been cut. The newsroom has been shut down and all the broadcasting equipment seems to have been carted away. The five remaining presenters are also preparing to sue the company for unpaid wages if communication is still not forthcoming from the management in the next few days."


Man, is there anything worse than being naked AND not getting paid? Ouch. I could never imagine this happening in such a conservative place like Korea. Didn't even last a month? That's terrible. Even their dramas are conservative. Takes 20 episodes to kiss someone!

Anyways, for those who haven't seen it, here's your sports report!

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