Thursday, July 2, 2009

Japanese love the Love Hotels!

Source: CNN

Even in the midst of Japan's deepest economic recession since World War II, the country's love hotel industry is thriving.

"I'd hate to use the term "recession-proof," but it's certainly proven very resilient over the last six to nine months," said Steve Mansfield, CEO of New Perspectives, which operates six love, or "leisure," hotels in Japan.

One of them, the Bonita Hotel in Isawa, boasts a 257 percent occupancy rate. Rooms can be rented for three to 24 hours.

Mansfield's company estimates the industry in Japan pulls in $40 billion a year in revenue.

"It's a natural human desire. Even these days, on the weekend, every love hotel is full of people -- it's hard to get in. You can never stop sexual desire," said a woman with her boyfriend in Tokyo, who laughed in embarrassment when asked for her name.

Love hotels fill a need for privacy in a country where high population density often means couples have little time alone.

Rooms offer a broad assortment of features, including karaoke machines, PlayStation game consoles, DVD players, a variety of cosmetics, customized condoms and indoor-outdoor Jacuzzis.


I would say recession increases sex. Don't be surprised if it's a baby boom! If nobody is work and they're home all the time and still have some disposable income then they'll use it. And Sex is something nobody can cut down from right? In Japan it's so reserved that people have to find places to do it, they can't just bang at home. They're homes are too small! :)

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