Thursday, July 9, 2009

Girl called Chicken Dung changes her name

Source: Ananova

A Chinese girl who was named 'Chicken Dung' has had it legally changed now that she is an adult.

Zhu Xiansheng, the father of the girl, gave her the name on the advice of a doctor after she was ill as a baby and chicken manure was used to treat her.

She was named Ji Shi, which means Chicken Dung, but always hated the name, reports the Southwest Morning Post.

However, she was stuck with it until she was 18, the legal age for name changing in China, when she changed it to Yingzi.

"At last, she is no longer afraid to show anybody her ID card," said her father, of Lindong village, Fujian province.

"She had a serious illness when she was one, and she was sick for two to three months.

"We didn't think she would survive, but a local medical practitioner advised us to paste her with chicken dung while taking medications he prescribed," added Xiansheng.

The girl made a miraculous recovery and her parents formally named her Chicken Dung in tribute to her treatment.

But she hated the name and pleaded with her parents to change it from age of five when she would throw tantrums whenever anybody called her name.

"I always felt embarrassed when filling in forms or signing my name," said Yingzi.


Well it's actually not too surprising. I've run into alot of strange names from people in the country side. There's a family I know when they had a first boy, they named it "BOY" and when they had their first girl, they named it "GIRL". It's country folk you know.

Glad she can change her name to something prettier now :)

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Amory Blaine said...

this is true i know three filipino girls named blue, green and red. their mom was miss filipines years ago or something. btw hi!