Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chinese universities faking employment rates to boost ratings


Some Chinese universities appear to be faking employment rates among their graduates in an effort to keep their own ratings high in these economic hard times.

On Tuesday, the official China Daily confirmed the Internet buzz that some universities are providing the government with documented "proof" their graduates have found jobs, even though they are still unemployed.

"Due to fierce competition among universities, especially second-tier ones, the performance and reputation of a school largely depends on its employment rate after graduation," an unnamed "education expert" was quoted telling the English-language newspaper.

According to the Chinese language Southern Metropolis Daily, the job scam was revealed on the popular Internet forum Tianya when a "netizen" got a peek at his university records and was astounded to find he had a job.

"I was immediately stunned. Heavens! I have obtained employment. The agreement documented stated the name of my employer in black and white, next to a big red stamp of that employer," he wrote.

Chinese lying? Noooo. Say it ain't so. Universities obviously want to show they have a good employment rate to prove they program delivers results!

I love how a student found out he's employed when he's not! woohoo!

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WoAi said...

I'm shocked. I never imagined this kind of thing could happen in China!