Wednesday, July 8, 2009

American Gets Hit by Japanese Train

Source: Colorado Daily

With a belly full of food and sake, Armand Nelson Schneider just wanted to get rid of his nausea and empty his stomach before hopping on a train back to his study-abroad home in Yokohama, Japan.

Schneider, 22, was throwing up over the platform when a high-speed commuter zoomed into the station and smashed into him.

"Here's where the miracle begins," said Schneider's mother, Audrey Nelson.

Moments earlier, a "Japanese angel" had grabbed Schneider's left shoulder and pulled him just enough to the left to spare his head and save him from suffering neurological damage, Nelson said.

Schneider said he doesn't struggle with alcohol and has always been a safe drinker -- his mother calls him "Mr. Responsibility."

"There's no denying I was very drunk," he said. "But I don't think the accident was caused by that."

Still, Schneider said, he plans to share his story and its lessons with teenagers facing tough decisions.

"Sometimes it takes a severe accident to teach someone a lesson," he said.


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Ok so he was drunk and but doesn't think it caused the accident. So if he wasn't drunk then he wouldn't be puking all over the platform and would have stood in front of the train. I'm not sure he learn his own lesson that he want to teach 'someone'.

In the video, he couldn't even tell if the person who pulled him back was male or female. He WAS DRUNK!

The Japanese person pulled too hard causing his injuries. They shouldn't pull him next time.

I think Darwin finally failed!

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