Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obama's First Bad Speech?

What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

Nothing else on tv on a slow Wednesday night so I watched the Obama HealthCare press conference. For the first time, he seems flustered and didn't sound good. I've said in the past that if Obama read a long shopping list, it would still sound good. But tonight, he didn't sound convincing.

He really sounded like he has no health care plan. Just a jumble of non-specific goals. Then he went off into talking about the fiscal deficit, that it wasn't his fault and he has reduced it looking forward ten years.

There were a lot of words but all saying very little. A long-winded, poorly organized group of statements. A restating of many of the current problems, a list of things that must be done better, nothing about how to get from here to there except 'this bill must be passed now'.

I didn't like his use of the word "incentivize". What kind of word is that? Doesn't sound good.

I would have liked to hear how this bill would address the major problems or the overarching vision of the plan, more specific than 'fix health care'. I am probably asking too much for a five minute speech and fifty minute press conference. but that seemed to be his objective right? To sell the plan to the people on prime time tv, or frame the public discussion, or something. He seemed floundering tonight saying 'we need this, we need it now', without a clear message of how, why this, or how much. And his 2/3 funding of the plan with increased efficiencies is complete bunk.

The fantasy might be over already. Obama's always sounded good but has never said much. During the campaign he mentioned "Hope and Change" alot. I'm still waiting for a definition of what hope and change are. He's bit off more than he can chew I think. He can't "speech" his way out of this one.

This is the life of a political leader. Popular when elected but with each passnig day, one more person hates you.

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Russ Nelson said...

Ow. You're right, of course, but ow.