Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kobe's clinic wowed 8,500 people

NBA star Kobe Bryant is undeniably the super-star judging from the 8,500 strong crowd that cheered for him as soon as he stepped on the court. Find out what he did during the coaching clinic that made the fans go into a frenzy.

I like how everyone kisses up to Kobe as the best player ever :P


StrayBullet said...

Kobe is by no means the Greatest Player Ever, but he is the best basketball player in the world/NBA. The arguments
for Lebron are definitely there, but he's just not quite on Kobe's level. Not yet, anyway.

Roger Williams said...

I hope Kobe gets SARS.

Anyway, he's not even the best player in the NBA right now. That honor definitely belongs to LeBron, who has skills Kobe can only dream about.