Wednesday, April 30, 2008

No Smoking

Smoking ban for Chinese capital

BWHAHAHA good luck with this. If anything can bring down communism it may be a group of pissed off smokers!

Keep sweeping your problems under the rug China. No one will notice anything in August.

Monday, April 28, 2008


Campaign starts to stop men's stares at mixed bathing hot spring

"It'd be a real shame if we were deprived of the traditional practice of mixed bathing," a spokesman for the association said.

I hate to break the news and I pretty sure they were traditionally leering 300 years ago. Boys will by boys.

South Korea Creating Ivy League Feeder High Schools

(notice the obsession over brand name and prestige, a very disturbing Asian trait)

Kim Hyun-kyung, who has accumulated nearly perfect scores on her SATs, is multitasking to prepare for physics, chemistry and history exams.

“I can’t let myself waste even a second,” said Ms. Kim, who dreams of attending Harvard, Yale or another brand-name American college. And she has a good shot. This spring, as in previous years, all but a few of the 133 graduates from Daewon Foreign Language High School who applied to selective American universities won admission.

It is a success rate that American parents may well envy, especially now, as many students are swallowing rejection from favorite universities at the close of an insanely selective college application season.

“Going to U.S. universities has become like a huge fad in Korean society, and the Ivy League names — Harvard, Yale, Princeton — have really struck a nerve,” said Victoria Kim, who attended Daewon and graduated from Harvard last June.

After reading that article, I suspect a lot of those kids are like some asian-canadian kids who grew up equally sheltered/protected, who end up going nuts/wild in college and also possibly don't resolve identity, self esteem, or white worship issues.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

No Mo Nomo

Hideo Nomo's career in the majors might be over.

The Kansas City Royals designated the right-hander for assignment Sunday, perhaps ending his 12 seasons in the big leagues. Pitcher Luke Hochevar was called up from Triple-A Omaha.

Nomo was among the Japanese pioneers in the big leagues, and threw two no-hitters in the majors. He was trying to make a comeback at the age of 39 after having elbow surgery in 2006, but pitched only three times and 4 1-3 innings for the Royals this year.

If you can't make it with the Royals you can't really make it anywhere.

Elbow surgery? I'm surprised he still has a back left. What a fucked up delivery!

Cricket Cheerleaders

What are the Redskins cheerleaders doing in India? For cricket of course.
There is a new cricket league where the games only take 3 hours.
And they have cheerleaders who dance everytime a SIX is hit!

India is hip!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Jackie Chan Will Hit You With a Torch

Jackie Chan says he will beat up anyone who tries to grab the Olympic torch away from him.

Kung-fu star Jackie Chan to chop down Olympic protestors

I think this is a challenge for all the Shaolin Monks! Do you really think Jackie Chan and his stupid stunts can take on a real Shaolin Monk? :)

Monday, April 7, 2008

We've Been Called Again

Little Saigon activists tell USC to take down Vietnam flag

We must rise again and once again re-teach people about how the Vietnamese flags work. Yes we know the Communist flag is the official flag and it's recognized by the UN. That is irrelevant to us. We refuse to step foot into any place that displays that flag and this definitely includes universities who should no better and stop catering to Vietnam SR.

Olympic torch in SF

Why I will carry the Olympic torch

I'm absolutely stunned that for someone who is a journalist and scholar can have such a narrow-minded view of China and participate in such an event.

China abuses human-rights regularly. She, being a lesbian, isn't even respected as a human being in China. Even as a journalist she was restricted in what she could report.

It's amazing how people easily forget about history just for a little attention.
I'm so tired of hearing "Well China is better off then it was 30 years ago!" Of course it is, it was beaten into the ground and a billion people suffered.

Having this lady represent Chinese people in San Francisco is a disgrace as people who fled China for freedom will feel betrayed.

Have a look at my next article about the Vietnamese. They never ever ever forget about the atrocities of the Communist government and will protest just at the sight of that flag.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Lack of Engineers?

Asian immigration 'vital to engineering'

Lack of engineering if Asians leave? Aren't there any white engineers?

Guess not!

Smart vs. cool

Smart vs. cool: Culture, race and ethnicity in Silicon Valley schools

If you're smart you've lost your Mexican identity? Way to celebrate stoopidness. And if you're not smart, you're no longer Asian.

I've been out of school for awhile. Is this really the atmosphere in today's schools? Pretty depressing.

Tiffany Nguyen. Another white-trash name!


Dear Japan,

Don't ever change! :)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Huge Rise in Evangelical Asian Americans

Young, Asian American, and Christian

Berkeley's always been a strange place. I know many Asians either were forced to go there or avoid it like the plague. No surprise that they're still nuts.


"Asian-American evangelical Christians have become commonplace at elite universities across the US. The trend started in the late '80s and early '90s, and increased as the presence of Asian Americans on campuses grew — specifically East Asians of Chinese and Korean descent. By the 2000s, it had become a phenomenon meriting research papers, books, and articles.

Although Asian Americans only make up about 4 percent of the US population, they constitute about 15 percent of the students at Ivy League colleges, and more than 40 percent at schools like UCLA, UC Irvine, and UC Berkeley, according to a 2007 article, "Asian Americans for Jesus: Changing the Face of Campus Evangelicalism" by Rebecca Kim, an assistant professor of sociology at Pepperdine University. And yet their numbers are disproportionately higher in campus fellowships, sometimes as much as 80 percent."

So you're a smarty-pants eh?

The question of identity

I was a victim of this being an average student. Other Asian students mocked me and even my mom was disappointed.

So a couple of tips from me to you.

If you're a parent, advise but don't push your kids and most importantly don't use your kids as a tool to brag to other parents.

If you're a smart kid it wouldn't hurt to lend a hand every now and then to your fellow Asian instead of teasing and mocking. Karma is a bitch you know.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Sued For Loss of Virginity

And you thought Americans had weird lawsuits!


Kuala Lumpur - A Malaysian woman has sued her husband for 3 million ringgit (882,000 dollars) for the loss of her virginity after she claimed that he failed to fulfil his promises of a good marriage, a news report said Friday. The 30-year-old teacher from the eastern state of Sarawak also sought for the court to declare her marriage null and void.

The woman claimed that her husband had persuaded her to have sex with him several months after they first met in 2006, promising to marry her, the New Straits Times daily said.

The duo were married several months later, but the woman's in-laws refused to acknowledge the union.

In the suit filed in the state High Court, the woman claimed she was duped into her first sexual experience with the promises of a happy marriage, but claimed instead that her husband and in-laws caused her "humiliation and mental torture."

The woman's suit is the first of its kind in a marriage, said her lawyer Ernest Chua.

Spelling Girls


With the final four all Asian American girls, spelling looks to be the next big field for Asian American students to strive in, much like classical music and golf have been in the past.

Golf? Really?
I'm not sure if having this many good spellers is a good thing or a bad thing in the overall scheme of things.

All I know is I can't fuking spell.

Racism? Still?

Resentment towards Vancouver's visible majority

If there's racism in Vancouver there must be in the rest of Canada right?
But here in Calgary I've never felt much racism. Growing up I wasn't a victim of any slurs. I was quite comfortable and enjoyed my high-school years. I work with people from many-races now and there's no problem. And socially I've been been to pretty much every club and bar in Calgary and I've never felt unwanted.

Maybe I'm just lucky.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Rocket Ronnie

Ah I love Ronnie O'Sullivan.

Mostly because of this:

He's so exciting and flamboyant.

And also for things like this

Raunchy Ronnie in trouble over lewd comments in Beijing

The comments were ignored, though, by Chinese media.

"At the post game press conference, O'Sullivan kept his gentlemanly manners," said a report in the Today Morning Express, while the Beijing News reported he had shown no signs of disappointment and was "smiling and looking around."

Ah Chinese media not reporting something bad.. surprise surprise. Apparently there is no such thing as bad news in China.

That is not my concern though. My concern is.. why is the Snooker Association fucking apologizing? The Chinese didn't mind it and have swept it under the rug. The don't feel insulted. Why is there an apology issued?

I would pissed if I was Ronnie too. Those were the longest-assed questions I've ever heard. The guy just lost, make it quick. And the translator? who was that? She could barely translate properly. You'd think they could find an better english-speaking person.