Monday, April 28, 2008

South Korea Creating Ivy League Feeder High Schools

(notice the obsession over brand name and prestige, a very disturbing Asian trait)

Kim Hyun-kyung, who has accumulated nearly perfect scores on her SATs, is multitasking to prepare for physics, chemistry and history exams.

“I can’t let myself waste even a second,” said Ms. Kim, who dreams of attending Harvard, Yale or another brand-name American college. And she has a good shot. This spring, as in previous years, all but a few of the 133 graduates from Daewon Foreign Language High School who applied to selective American universities won admission.

It is a success rate that American parents may well envy, especially now, as many students are swallowing rejection from favorite universities at the close of an insanely selective college application season.

“Going to U.S. universities has become like a huge fad in Korean society, and the Ivy League names — Harvard, Yale, Princeton — have really struck a nerve,” said Victoria Kim, who attended Daewon and graduated from Harvard last June.

After reading that article, I suspect a lot of those kids are like some asian-canadian kids who grew up equally sheltered/protected, who end up going nuts/wild in college and also possibly don't resolve identity, self esteem, or white worship issues.


Roger Williams said...

OK, a brother has to know: "white worship issues"? Discuss!

Degenerasian said...

yup.. being ashamed of everything asian and worshiping everything white.

Like listening to Bon Jovi :)