Monday, March 31, 2008

Little Saigon is Killing Us

'Little Saigon' naming debate casts shadow over candidates

I am an overseas Vietnamese or "Viet Kieu" born in Canada. I will always support my fellow Viet Kieu. But they're insane!

Why is everyone fighting over a name? The name Little Saigon isn't that big of a deal since there's already one in Orange County. And it's not even about the name Saigon itself since the proposed name would be "Saigon Business District"

I think we have forgotten how to work together and are now too busy attacking each other.. for what.. a shit Councilman seat?

I will always support my fellow Viet Kieu. I love their passion and how they make sure that Vietnam SR doesn't walk all over us and claim us for themselves. But this in-fighting and finger-pointing and back-stabbing is pretty embarassing.

I hate the name "Madison". It's a white trash girls name.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Hero Dies

Subject of 'Killing Fields' dies of cancer

These days with so many media outlets and 24 news channels, we are now immune to news in all of it's forms and usually look upon it negatively.

Back when journalism was raw and real and when wars were real as well, there were many heroic journalists who bravely reported news that was being hidden from the public.

One of those heroes died today. RIP Mr. Pran.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tetris Chair

Tetris Chair!

These things like awesome but $250? yikes!
If it were to be that steep it would have to include a button to play the theme song as well.

Do do DO DO do do do do DO....

Shoot me, I can't hum :P

Thanks Steve!

Hundred Year Old Letters

Letters from China tell history of Asian immigration

It's amazing that these letters are still around as they are very important.
If you don't know where you came from, it doesn't matter where you're doing.
You can't really track history unless you walk in that man's shoes.
There's no room for hindsight. Hindsight is for the blind.

"I was surprised to know that a hundred years ago, the Chinese migrants, they are somehow having the same concerns that we now today have," said Wong, herself from Taiwan. "There's a lot of migrant families now in Canada. One member of the family has to earn the money either in Canada or, say, in China, and send the money to their family members... So I found wow, it's a little bit similar."

Not surprising at all. Money will always be an issue 100 years ago and 100 years from now.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

SF: Olympic Torch Protest

Looks like the Olympic Torch isn't going to be lonely this year.

I expect protests everywhere it goes!

Robot Babysitter

Would you give your kid to this Japanese Babysitter!??

One day kids will hate their parents!!!!!

Phillipino Playboy

I thought the Phillipines had playboy ages ago! Especially since the Americans are there.
But with a new playboy coming out with no frontal-nudity.. what's the point?

I don't object to nudity.. but I do object to a cut-rate job!