Monday, March 31, 2008

Little Saigon is Killing Us

'Little Saigon' naming debate casts shadow over candidates

I am an overseas Vietnamese or "Viet Kieu" born in Canada. I will always support my fellow Viet Kieu. But they're insane!

Why is everyone fighting over a name? The name Little Saigon isn't that big of a deal since there's already one in Orange County. And it's not even about the name Saigon itself since the proposed name would be "Saigon Business District"

I think we have forgotten how to work together and are now too busy attacking each other.. for what.. a shit Councilman seat?

I will always support my fellow Viet Kieu. I love their passion and how they make sure that Vietnam SR doesn't walk all over us and claim us for themselves. But this in-fighting and finger-pointing and back-stabbing is pretty embarassing.

I hate the name "Madison". It's a white trash girls name.

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