Friday, July 3, 2009

Watch Your Teeth On TV!

Source: Japanorama

To Tell The Tooth, Mickey Mouth, Dr. Philling and Tarter Trek: The Search for Plaque can be yours, commercial-free and broadcast live! Admittedly, the scenes of oral exploration offered up by the Miharu Dental Intraoral Plaque Detection Camera are less than suspenseful - unless you're surprised by the size of that chive nestling along your upper gumline. So that's what your co-workers were giggling about!

The Miharu Dental Intraoral Plaque Detection Camera allows you to avoid such embarrassing exposures while in the process discovering how good (or lousy) a job you've been doing in the fight against plaque and the evil gingivitis. It accomplishes the latter by employing a simple one-touch mode changer that lights up plaque like a five-alarm fire.

Here's how to work it: pop in a pair of AAA batteries and plug the included 6ft. long cable into your TV's video input jack - it's plug & play. Put a disposable cover over the Miharu's lens and prepare to direct "Deep Throat: Electric Boogaloo" - starring you!

Along with the camera you get 125 disposable lens covers, an English instruction book and an "adapter lens for skin", which sounds kinda creepy. Not that the basic concept of a mouth-cam isn't, but each to his or her own, right? Betcha can't wait for the endoscope version!

Until then, you can order the Miharu Dental Intraoral Plaque Detection Camera online from Japan Trend Shop for $119 plus a worldwide express flat rate of $18. Lights, camera, salivation!

Hmm no thanks. I don't want to see my bleedin' gums in HIGH DEFINITION!

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