Saturday, July 18, 2009

Worst Music Video You'll See Today

Source: AllKPop

Former race girl Jung Eun Joo now singer released a digital single called Nudity recently and her cheap looking, somewhat bordering on soft porn music video for her song, Hot Hot has irked many netizens in Korea.

Jung Eun Joo debuted as a race girl in 2006 and also released a pictorial book in the same year. Since then, she had stopped all forms of activities for the past 3 years before resuming her entertainment career in June and releasing her first mini-album on 16th July.

But with Nudity being the mini-album title and her trot title song being called Hot Hot, it doesn't help but make one think that she is using sex to sell the mini-album. In addition, the short music video for Hot Hot has raised lots of eyebrows for it's suggestive content and making people feel like they are watching a soft porn video instead.

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Wow. Could anything be worse in this video? Terrible song, girl can't sing and in conservative Korea, she's showing off everything. As a girl I think it's incredibly cheap! Looks like the music video production cost about $5. And this chick wants to go mainstream?

What do you guys think? Acceptable video? Is she HAWT?


StrayBullet said...

Video 8 rules!

Roger Williams said...

She is not HAWT. Not even a little.

Degenerasian said...

I know! They look so plastic in Korea now! Plastic Surgery capital of the universe.

Cliche said...

Degenerasian said...

Cliche: Hahaha that's pretty bad too!