Monday, July 27, 2009

Animated Short: Water Brain

A Cartoon produced by students of Guangzhou (Canton) Academy of Art, about how Chinese middle school students suffer from the work load. In our six years of middle school studies, we study Chinese, maths, English, geography, physics, politics, history, chemistry and biology (not including PE, music and other subsidiary subjects), all of which are mandatory. We can not choose what we are interested in. Also, the studies are memory based and test oriented, which means we have to remember tons of theories, concepts, terms in order to pass exams.

Youtube Link

Youtube Link

Doesn't this remind us all of our school days? Late nights studying, runny noses, heavy books, paper airplanes. All that to become the office rats we are today :P

I really enjoyed it. The art work is cool and I especially liked the musical score attached to it

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