Monday, July 20, 2009

Boy drank gasoline to copy his TV heroes


Source: Shanghai Daily

A 14-YEAR-OLD boy drank gasoline for five years to obtain "energy" - just as his idols "Bumble Bee" or "Optimus Prime" do in "Transformers," the Sichuan-based West China Metropolis Daily reported yesterday.

After the boy, in Yibin City, southwest Sichuan Province, had watched the animated TV series, he began to drink gasoline to become a "valiant fighter" like "Optimus Prime," his father told the newspaper.

"He began to drink gasoline five years ago, when we found he liked smelling lighter fuel," he said.

The boy's mother owned a grocery stall, selling small goods such as lighters.

In 2004, she often found lighters missing two or three days after she'd bought them. She later found that her son had been stealing them.

The parents talked to their son and asked him not to do it again. "But afterwards we found our motorcycle's gasoline was always disappearing, and one day when we found the boy had drunk a half bottle of gasoline stolen from the motorcycle, we were too shocked to say anything," the father said.

FIVE years ago? Too shocked to say anything? You're parents! If my boy ever drink gasoline he'll get a quick boot up his ass!


Jon said...

i'm surprised he hasn't gotten sick (or died!)

Degenerasian said...

He's close. Article says he cant even add 7 + 17 now.

Jon said...

ack poor thing! (just read the original source, sorry, should have done that before.)

:\ :(

Degenerasian said...

Yeah it's sad :( It's amazing to me the parents allow this.

What would your parents do if they saw you drinking GAS!

Jon said...

lol they'd slap me silly!

Tokyo Muzzie said...

I'm outraged! The pictures shown are from Transformers Victory, which took place in 1989; far too early for it to be responsible for this tragedy!

... ok I'm not outraged.

Degenerasian said...

It's China! They're probably still watching episodes from back in 1989 and think they're new. :)

They always recycle stuff and dub it poorly right?

Degenerasian said...

I totally forgot about energon cubes. But where the heck would a kid find those? GAS is the next best thing :)

Anonymous said...

I agree the parents are so dumb. Slap the kid the first time he drinks gas, he'll stop right away.