Thursday, December 24, 2009

Roses That Turn Into Panties!

Source: Japanorama

A bouquet of roses is one of the more romantic gifts
a guy can give his gal. These particular ones especially - though it takes some careful thought beforehand since what appear to be beautiful rose blooms are actually... bloomers.

If you think your beloved one has a good sense of humor and your relationship
has reached a certain level of comfort and familiarity, then go for it. Each lacy faux rose costs just 294 yen
each (about $4) and a bouquet of a dozen will keep her captivatingly clothed for almost half a month.

The perky panties are packaged in the form of a classic long-stemmed rose, detailed with small green leaves around the "flower". The panties themselves are of the "one size fits all" variety, they come individually wrapped in cute flowery cellophane and a small card is included.

Choose from red, pink, yellow, white, aqua, blue, violet and black.

Wow! I'm not sure I can ever look at a bouquet of roses again.