Monday, February 23, 2009

Edison Chen testifies

Source: Globe and Mail
Source: Toronto Star

VANCOUVER – Asian pop star Edison Chen, who fled Hong Kong in disgrace a year ago after nude photos of himself with other celebrities were posted on the Internet, is scheduled to appear in an unusual court hearing today in Vancouver.

After months of silence, Chen, a singer and actor who grew up in Vancouver and is one of Asia's most recognized celebrities, is to testify before a Hong Kong judge and lawyers over the next five days. A Canadian judge and Hong Kong's chief magistrate will be co-commissioners at the hearing as Hong Kong police question Chen.

The hearing is taking place in Vancouver because Chen, 28, refused to return to Hong Kong to give evidence at the trial of computer technician Sze Ho-Chun, who is facing charges of distributing via the Internet pictures of the actor having sex with female celebrities.

"This is part of the judicial proceedings. Since the proceedings are in progress, no further details can be disclosed," an official with the Hong Kong police said in an email to the Toronto Star.

Chen's fame skyrocketed after the photos appeared and Google said last December his name was the most searched in Asia.

Other polls in Asia put him behind only U.S. President Barack Obama as the news person of the year and more newsworthy than the Beijing Olympics, the devastating earthquake in China's Sichuan province and the tainted milk scandal.

Chen's trouble began after he took his broken laptop in for repairs in Hong Kong.

Shortly afterwards, explicit photos of him with different women, some identifiable as famous actresses, singers and models, began appearing online.

Strange case. Not sure what they're trying to determine here in Canada. Edison should just go back to Hong Kong in April and testify against Sze. I hope the computer repairman gets convicted. What an evil thing to do just for some notoriety. I hope he gets famous in jail!


Unknown said...

I'm sorry. But if you are a guy and you own a pink laptop you deserve everything coming to you. hehe

But thanx for reminding me about those pics again. I will have nightmares about Cecilia for the rest of my life.

Degenerasian said...

Did you like her before? I never thought she was that pretty and way too thin. But she was probably the best of an awful crop of Hong Kong actresses in the 2000s. If your prettiest actresses are Cecelia, Charmaine Sheh, Karen Mok and Jessica Hsuan, you've got problems.

The actresses in the 80s were wonderful. Now all the pretty actresses are in the mainland series.

Unknown said...

Yeah i think she is prob the best actress in HK right now. and she does porn too! hehe. I thought she was awesome in Lost in Time and Running on Karma and pretty good in One night In Mongkok.

But yeah. fake boobs on someone that thin is pretty nasty. not to mention the dead cat look she has going down there.

All those other girls are more TV actresses though. Sonja Kwok is prob the best looking out of all of them. A couple of my friends in Vancouver went to UBC with her.

Degenerasian said...

I couldn't even remember who Sonja Kwok is. I had to look it up. She needs to be more famous, maybe be in a scandal or two :)