Sunday, February 8, 2009

Xidan Girl Sings “Angel’s Wings”, Becomes Famous

Source: ChinaSMACK

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Recently, a video titled “Xidan underground tunnel girl sings ‘Angel’s Wings’” was warmly received by the internet. Various famous BBS discussion forums and websites immediately reposted this video, while this video’s star was named “Xidan Girl” by the vast majority of netizens. On the 3rd, journalists discovered from Qinghua [Tsinghua] University, Beijing University, Renmin University, and numerous universities’ BBS that “Xidan Girl” has become the focal point of discussions amongst various university forums. Overnight, “Xidan Girl” has already spread to the various corners of the internet. Even netizens have started human flesh search engines, hoping to uncover “Xidan Girl’s” mysterious veil.

That's quite a voice. It's a little fuzzy because of the recording and the sound echos because of the tunnels making it a bit stronger. But that's still very nice. Tunnels may help but you still have to have a voice. I could sing in a tunnel and my voice would still go nowhere :)

Here's the original song by An Hu.

Youtube Link


Which brings up my poll question (seen in the sidebar), do you give to panhandlers in your city? I like to give to them more if they're playing music. I tend not to give to a person just sitting there.

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