Monday, February 2, 2009

Non-Stop Train?

We all seen videos of the subway commute in Japan.

Here's an example:

Youtube Link

And I've also heard that the trains in Japan are always on time. It's never late. Of course Taiwan has to improve on this system and come up with a non-stop train!

Youtube Link

So you get onto a little car that gets scooped up by a train? That can't be a smooth transition can it? You'd spill alot of coffee! Also if you travelled a longer distance you'd have to walk down into the train and then walk back up? In a packed train that wouldn't work. And how many times have you been on a train listening to music or gabbing to a friend and didn't quite notice that your stop is coming soon and rushed out of the train. Can't do that here! Or if a fat guy was in your way and you couldn't make it back up into the small car. You'd be stuck forever!

Not a good idea! I can predict alot of chaos, stress and fist fights! Not to mentions accidents! Hey if a roller coaster can run off the tracks, so can this!

Another idea some academic invented who's never taken a ride on a train during rush hour.

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