Thursday, February 12, 2009

Korea to Get World's First Robot Theme Park

Source: Chosun

A theme park called Robot Land will be built in Incheon and Masan, the first of its kind. The Ministry of Knowledge Economy said Thursday it would set up the park in the two cities by 2014.

The park, designed to bolster the country's robotics industry, will house play equipment, experience zones, exhibition halls, a stadium, research and education centers, and corporate facilities.

Hmm Robot Disney? I don't know. Will there be robots everywhere? Will there big lines? Will robots serve you or fondle you when you in line? Lots of questions to be answered.


Anonymous said...

"Sensors make it impossible for robots to harm humans"

Anonymous said...

Will this robot theme park be like the one in the movie Westworld?

- Duponceau