Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bobby Jindal = FAIL

Ah the great Asian-American republican hope. The man that will bring the Republicans back into primetime and return to power. The man that can match Obama colour for colour.

That speech was a fucking disgrace. I'm republican and I just watched in shock.

If you or I stood in front of a camera, then we'd freeze because of our inexperience.
For all of you that say television is easy, it's definitely not. I was in front of the camera many many years ago and it's not easy at all. So I appreciate that.

But he looked so unprepared. Biggest speech of his life, a prepared statement, and he's reading it off a teleprompter? Surely, he could have memorized that and just made his speech with feeling. You're going against Obama, you have to 'sound' better than time. He lectured to Americans. But I'm afraid all the grade 1 students had gone to bed.

In sports we would call this a choke. A first overall pick that had great potential that couldn't hack it in the big leagues. Ryan Leaf, Alexandre Daigle, Kwame Brown and now, Bobby Jindal.

Or one of my favorite expression: "You drive for show and putt for dough". The American media and people are quick to pounce. You can do good for 100 years and if you make one mistake, you're done. If Jindal shows his face again, people will always remember this awful speech. In this youtube generation it is there forever.

He's done.

This speech was almost as bad as Stephane Dion's speech when the camera was an inch away from his nose and he was asking the country to make time the next Prime Minister.

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