Tuesday, February 24, 2009

McDonalds Hockey Commercials

Source: Calgary Puck

Those that know me, know I am frequently on the Calgary Puck forum discussing a variety of issues. What makes the forum great is that even though it's a group of Flames fans, they talk not only about the Flames but what Flames fans are interested in (which is pretty much anything). Their "Off-Topic" is hilarious and would rival any forum of any kind.

So as I was surfing this morning, I found a thread with the old and new Mcdonalds hockey commercials. More on that later. One thing that's always bugs me about Asians is our kneejerk reaction to anything that might mock Asians. From yellow-face, to the Chinese or Japanese accent or the chinky-eye or just plain being "too Asian", a phrase I absolutely detest.

Here's an example: a 4 billion dollar lawsuit against Miley Cyrus


So here's the first commercial with a french-canadian accent.

Youtube Link

Are french-canadians insulted? I've never heard anything. They probably had a good laugh.

Here's the newest one with a Russian accent.

Youtube Link

I wonder if Russian's are insulted. I doubt it. They're probably having a good laugh.

I'm a hockey fan so I love these cute commercials. I can't wait for the 3rd commercial when obviously the Quebec goalie and Russian sniper faceoff!

If you're Asian and you get easily uptight and protective whenever you see an Asian stereotype and if you laughed at these two commercials, then you're a hypocrite, plain and simple.


Russ Nelson said...

Oh, well, of course, I want to see how they stereotype the Vietnamese hockey player. THAT would be interesting! :-)

Degenerasian said...

There would be alot of swearing involved! Everyone knows how to swear in Vietnamese :)

Anh Khoi Do said...

Oh well, I've seen enough stereotyped Asians on TV and I laughed most of the time. In fact, when I saw the TV series jPod on CBC, I found it too hilarious the way the scriptwriters developed the boss of the Triads in Vancouver and the character played by Steph Song. First of all, nothing says that all Asians are cold robots without feelings. Secondly, you should see how the character of Steph Song is depicted as someone who comes from a very "strict" family. Come on, the show openly uses these stereotypes to mock them and to make people laugh!

Degenerasian said...

I liked jPod and didn't really think of the sterotype. I liked her character which was strong and in charge and yes from a strict family :)

I just get a bit tired reading the blogosphere about if it's Asian it's good and if it's not Asian it sucks or it's a tragedy if an Asian person dies but no big deal if a non-Asian person dies etc etc..

People email me all the time to report how there are no Asian roles in Hollywood that are not stereotypical or OMG some comedian or tv show made a Asian joke etc..

Its comedy. They make jokes about everyone! But if it's black, scottish, french, jamaican, jewish jokes.. than it's funny but ZOMG they're mocking Asians lets never watch their stuff again and hope they die!

Invasian said...

I could not disagree with you more. Sounds like the white man has gotten hold of your brain, and the other commentators.

Non-Asian does not equal bad (nobody says that), and we have a right to be critical of how we are portrayed in the media and entertainment. Then again, maybe in good, liberal Canada you have reached "post-racialness" faster than the white liberals here in America would like us to (so they don't have to bother with racial problems so their progressive minds aren't disturbed).
Why anybody would get tired of their people standing up for themselves is beyond me. What kind of blogs do you read?
And the comedy thing? I've heard that excuse so many times I'm almost numb to it. Some people do indeed make jokes about everyone, but often when one specific group is targeted, then it poses a problem. That's what we are critical of.

Degenerasian said...

"That's what we are critical of"

We? Are you commenting for the masses? Or just your own opinion?

Standing up for yourself is fine but you're not protecting the "Asian race".

There is some stuff that bothers me as well but you have to pick your fights. Standup comedy is my favorite form of entertainment and comedians have to be raunchy and make fun of everyone including themselves. Why does every Chinese person like Russell Peters' chinese jokes but if a white person told the same joke he'd be crucified? Cause he's not non-asian. Non-Asian = bad.

People tell jokes about everyone. If you laugh at a scottish accent, don't be offended when someone does a chinese accent (which I admit is pretty funny)

"Cantonese sounds like you're falling off a cliff" "TONG-LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH"

Movies: Oh 21 sucked cause a white guy played the lead. Oh Dragonball is going to suck because a white guy plays the lead. You say that nobody says that.. my mailbox says otherwise.

I read the same blogs you and they present wide range of views and opinions that are excellent. But it bothers me sometimes the kneejerk reaction is embrassing.

Not everything is based on race or racist.