Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What Scares Asians Most? Checklist

Source: FilmCritic

Spend enough time watching Asian movies, and you come to the inevitable conclusion that Asians really really really hate ghosts. Unlike American ghosts, which, as you know, simply wear white sheets over their heads and float around harmlessly, Asian ghosts can inhabit anyone or anything, and they usually have some sort of terrible revenge on their minds. But it's not just ghosts. Even the most cursory survey of the weird and wonderful Asian horror genre reveals that Asians are scared of just about everything -- paper products, puppets, elevators... and even the weather. What scares Asians most? Here's our checklist:

Telephones - the ringtone of death!
Cameras - a ghost's aura on Polaroid film
Electricity - haunted gadgets
Eyeballs - cornea transplant
Wigs - evil hairpieces
Real Estate - haunted house
Water - drip drip drip
Stationery - death note
Needles - poke
Pollution - illegal dumping
High School Students - cute assassins

Which of these scare you the most? Anything else you'd like add to the list?

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps that explains why I never answer the phone...