Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mooning for freedom

Can't show a picture of someone mooning so you get a picture of a duck's ass. Ever hear the expression from your mom "Go comb your hair, it's sticking up like a duck's ass"? Now you know :)

Source: Ananova

A Chinese thief who was chased into a dead end tried to scare off his pursuers by dropping his trousers and mooning at them.

Passers-by gave chase after the man forced open a motorcycle pannier and stole a woman's purse in Fuzhou city.

Shoppers and traders chased the thief into a cul-de-sac after the victim, Ms Wei, raised the alarm, reports Straits News.

"Just as we were about to catch up with him, he suddenly dropped his pants and flashed his butt towards us, shaking his waist," said Ms Wei.

The shocked pursuers didn't know what to do for a second before one man stepped forward and grabbed the thief, telling him to pull up his pants.

The criminal reportedly told police that he had realised he was trapped and came up with the escape plan when he realised many of his pursuers were women.

"I thought that if they covered their eyes out of modesty, I could then grab the opportunity to escape," he said.

HAHA that might work in 1900 but not today. Women aren't so modest anymore :)

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