Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chocolate Beer!

Source: Mike's Blender

Most people, if told they could buy three cans of chocolate beer for 1480 yen (about 15 bucks) would probably just say 'meh' and move on with their lives. Fortunately for the guys at Sapporo (Japanese beer giant) and Royce (Japanese chocolate company) there are two types of people who are not going to say 'meh' to getting their hands on this limited edition malt flavoured chocolate beer. The first type are suckers (born every minute), and then you've got the suckers with blogs (a bit rarer, born only once a day).

So anyway, unlike some websites who will just post about this second hand, I'm actually sipping a chocolate brew right now to get me in the mood for this article. Let's get started.

I'm the sucker with a blog that will definitely that loves beer :)

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