Friday, February 27, 2009

Cecilia Cheung: Edison is despicable!

Source: AsiaOne

In a rare interview yesterday, Hong Kong star Cecilia Cheung spoke for the first time about fellow celebrity Edison Chen, with whom she was involved in a sex photo scandal last year.

A Lianhe Wanbao story reported her calling Chen "despicable" and that he was "dishonest, unreliable and caused a lot of hurt to his fellow female celebrities."

The interview, which took place in Hong Kong yesterday evening (26 February), saw Cheung admit for the first time her involvement in the scandal.

Looking directly at the camera, a teary-eyed Cheung said, "I admit that I committed this mistake!"

The Wanbao report also said that Cheung cried a second time when she spoke about her husband, Hong Kong star Nicolas Tse. She thanked Tse for his forgiveness and him staying by her side during this difficult time.

"It is very difficult to find such a good husband." Cheung told the interviewer, before breaking down.

In February last year, a few hundred obscene photos of Edison Chen pictured in various sex acts with some four female celebrities were posted onto the Internet. Chen had since testified in a Canadian court confirming that Cheung was among the four women in the pictures.

Of course she's married with a child now so what else can she say? She can't just say that Edison is a nice guy and she supports him now can she?

But in the end it's her fault. Girls always have to be careful. I have to be careful who I see and what I'm doing. When I go out I have to watch for things like drugs and cameras. Especially now when there are camera phones and video phones!

Edison may be despicable, but she's the only lying there naked posing for pictures. It's not like these pictures were taken in secrecy and she was fooled.

And yes, those pictures still give some people nightmares :P


Anonymous said...

She was fooled that they would not get out onto the internet.

A nightmare for some sure, however it only confirms the cynicism I hold for those people whose job is to sell their image.

It's like going to a club and discovering after kissing that hot person they taste like ashtray. If you weren't a nicotine smoker in the first place, a bad ending for sure, but if you smoked in the first place, hey another jolt of nicotine.

The problem really comes in when she's looking for products to endorse. As the "good-girl" on the outside, freaky-orgy nekkid pictures girl in the bedroom market is probably suppressed vigorously.

Degenerasian said...

I'm not how the good-girl on the outside is believable. We all know they have boyfriends and probably had to do a few favours to get where they are.

American movies no longer have the innocent girl role anymore with shows like Friends of Sex and the City where sex is widely discussed.

Why do Asian movies and culture still insist in innocent girls?

Anonymous said...

Confucianism, One Child Policy, and the last one is, name me CEO's of Asian/Chinese/Japanese companies that aren't male.

Degenerasian said...

I only know of one. Sanyo has a female CEO

Any others:

Of course Japan is far more advanced than China.

Confucianism yes.
How does one child policy affect this? It's HK :)