Monday, February 9, 2009

High Tech Misery in China

Source: The National Labor Committee

Table of Contents

1) Introduction: The New Assembly Line
2) Dongguan Meitai Plastics & Electronics Factory
3) Brainwashing
4) All Employees should regard the factory as home—but…
5) Big Brother is Watching
6) Export Subsidies in China HELPED Duty-free Entry to the U.S.
7) Hours—Excessive forced overtime
8) Lenovo and The Olympics
9) Wages: Workers cheated of up to 19 percent
10) Company Dorms…primitive conditions
11) Illegally—Workers Not Inscribed in national Social Security Health Insurance
12) Health & Safety violations

“Infractions” punished with the loss of over two hours’ wages (fine of 10 RMB--$1.44), including for—

--“Being 1 to 5 minutes late to start a shift…”

--“Not periodically trimming fingernails, which will affect product quality.”

--“Not lining up correctly while punching time cards or at the cafeteria.”

--“Wearing work shoes outside the work room after work.”

--“Putting hands in pant pockets while inside the factory or workroom.”

“Infractions” punished with the loss of 4 ½ hours wages (20 RMB fine, $2.88)

--“…answering a personal telephone call in the workroom.”

--“Not diligently working or raising ones head to look around when guests or cadres come to visit.”

--“Putting personal objects on the work desk.”

--“…listening to the radio while on the job.”

--“Not parking bicycles according to company regulations; riding bicycles in and out of the company in a way not in accordance with company regulations.”

--“Returning to the dorm after regulated hours [curfew].”

“Infractions” punished with the loss of nearly seven hours’ wages (30 RMB fine--$4.32)

--“Switching beds without authorization.” (Dorm beds are assigned by management.)

“Infractions” punished with the loss of nearly 1 ½ days’ wages (50 RMB fine--$7.20)

--“Workers who arrive over one hour late…”

--“Riding the elevator without permission.”

--“Plugging in electronics [using electricity] in the dorm room for personal use.”

--“Using the company phone to make personal calls.”

--“Producing products of low quality…”

--“Workers who…go to visit other workers during working hours.”

--“Chatting at the workstation during work hours…”

--“Entering or leaving the factory area without allowing door personnel [security guards] to inspect [search workers].”

--“Treating supervisors with an arrogant attitude…”

“Infractions” punished with the loss of nearly three days’ wages (100 RMB fine--$14.40):

--“Leaving one’s workstation without permission…”

--“Putting up personal notices…or handing out flyers.”

--“Revealing confidential company or production-related information.”

“Infractions” punished with firing:

--“Violating labor discipline…and not obeying the company’s work arrangements.”

--“…Taking part in illegal organizations.” [In China, this means independent unions; human, women’s and children’s rights organizations and non-state-sanctioned religious organizations.]

--“Not following the procedures spelled out by government regulations on stopping work, slowing work down, encouraging others to stop or slow down work.”

--“Missing three days of work.”

--“Disobeying China’s one-child policy.”

--“Not obeying company arrangements or directions or…collectively causing trouble as a group…”

--“Any behavior similar to that listed above or helping or colluding in such behavior.”

WHAT? Exploitative, low wage factory jobs in CHINA?!

Cue the sound of my monocle dropping to the floor in horror

But ... but ... China is SUPPOSED to be a Communist country, where the WORKERS own the means of PRODUCTION!



Anonymous said...

Hey, I think that's Ken Williams of the Carry-On gang as Citizen Camembert in "Carry On: Don't Loose Your Head"

Half the crap I buy is made in China. So I've been supporting this horrific bullshit!

Degenerasian said...

Half is pretty good. Most people it's 100& these days. We don't have much choice.