Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Asian Ripoff XXXIII - Venus

Another Japanese one, going back to the 80s!

Artist: Nagayama Yoko
Languge: Japanese

Youtube Link


Jake Lunde said...

So I am guessing this is from some sort of karaoke game show, or like a american idol type of thing, I mean they put some effort into all of this (back ground dancers and what not). I just wondered.

Degenerasian said...

In Asia, they have variety shows almost on a weekly basis. The biggest stars will continue to appear in these shows from time to time, unlike in America where you can only see the big stars in concert.

Jake Lunde said...

I wish we would bring back the shows like that, but we group everything to times, not a lot of mixing. Wonder what that says about us...

Degenerasian said...

Too much money involved now.
Could you imagine getting say Britney, Jessica and Beyonce to a studio to do a 2 hour live show? The security, coordination, cost.

In Asia, artist are always around and want to be shows to promote themselves. They also belong to certain production companies that sponsor these show.