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Movie Reviews - Feburary 15, 2009

Source: LoveHKFilm

Claustrophobia (HK)

Ivy Ho's Claustrophobia tells the story of an office romance that never really happens, and is by turns realistic, affecting and frustrating. Easier to appreciate than it is to enjoy, the film nevertheless feels accomplished thanks to its craft, its patience, and its uncompromising emotions.

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Go Go 70s

Choi Ho's Korean take of the musical biopic shines when it comes to capturing the excitement of 70s Go Go music, but it doesn't have enough drama and characters to sustain its momentum.

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Truck (Korea)

This Korean thriller emulates both the best and worst of a Hollywood B-movie. At times gripping and intense, the film delivers exactly what one would expect from such a film with its gimmick.

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I Not Stupid Too

This follow-up to Jack Neo’s local blockbuster I Not Stupid is a well-intentioned comedy-drama that examines the often strained relationship between parents and their teenage kids. However, the film’s heavy-handed didacticism, scattershot social commentary, shrewish depiction of adults, and naïve view of juvenile delinquency undermine the film’s overall message and take away from the consistently likeable performances from its young stars.

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Mismatched Couples (HK) (1985)

Donnie Yen fights Dick Wei while wearing eyeliner and tight eighties outfits. He also wears a pink shirt and breakdances. Obviously, Mismatched Couples is totally worth your time and money.

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