Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thai website to protect the king

Source: BBC

The government in Thailand has set up a special website urging people to inform on anyone criticizing the monarchy.

It has also established an internet security centre to co-ordinate the blocking of websites deemed offensive to the monarchy.

On its first day of operation the centre banned nearly 5,000 websites.

The Ministry of Information had already blocked many thousands of sites, but that work is now being accelerated by the new centre.

It's starting to feel stranger and stranger to worship a figurehead in 2009. In these times when everyone is struggling to be innovative, it's weird to worship a person just born into a position and never worked a day in their life.

It's also strange to have such censorship still in today's world. People who don't like the king should be able to express it in blogs or media. Everyone including the king should be accountable and not just get a free ride.

This isn't 1900!

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