Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tajikistan bans cellphones from schools

Source: Reuters

DUSHANBE (Reuters) - The Central Asian state of Tajikistan Tuesday banned cellphones from all schools and universities in a bid to boost education.

"This measure has been taken in order to improve the quality of teaching at schools," deputy Dodikhudo Saimutdinov said after a vote in parliament.

Offenders, including those who carry phones without using them, will be fined.

Although Tajikistan is considered Central Asia's poorest nation, 3.2 million out of 7 million Tajiks use cellphones.

President Emomali Rakhmon has earlier introduced uniforms at schools and universities and barred students from going to schools in their own cars.

Sounds like quite the hardliner. This president has been sitting since 1992 and change the laws so he can sit until 2020! He wants students to learn only and be distracted by nothing!

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