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Chinese American Heroines: Amy Yuen-Yee Chow


Source: Asianweek

Chinese women have made tremendous contributions ever since Chinese men stopped binding their feet and our young daughters could attain as much education as their brains allowed. There are now over 2,000 Chinese Americans in local government across the nation and most of these community minded citizens are women. Among over 1,000 Asian American/Chinese American non-profits, the Executive Directors are usually Chinese ladies. They have come a long way, baby - and our Congratulations to all of them.

Our first fabulous lady is Amy Chow. Guess what she did?

Today’s Chinese American Heroine: First Chinese American Olympic Medal Gymnast

Name in English: Amy Yuen-Yee Chow
Name in Chinese: [周婉儀]
Name in Pinyin: Zhōu Wǎnyí
Gender: Female
Birth Year: 1978
Birth Place: San Jose, California
Current location: Palo Alto
Profession (s): Olympic Gymnast, Pediatrics Resident

Education: B.S., Biology, 2002, Stanford University; M.D., 2007, Stanford University

Award (s): 1994, U.S. Team Silver Medal, World Team Championships; 1995, Individual Gold Medal - Vault, Pan American Games; 1995, Individual Silver Medal - Uneven Bars, Pan American Games; 1995, Individual Bronze Medal - All-around, Pan American Games; 1996, Individual Silver Medal - Uneven Bars, Atlanta Olympics; 1996, U.S. Team Gold Medal, Atlanta Olympics; 2005, USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame, USA Gymnastics; 2008, U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame, U.S. Olympic Committee

Contribution (s): Despite losing her grip and slamming her head on the balance beam during gymnastics trials, Amy Yuen-Yee Chow soldiered on with an ugly red welt above her right eye and went on to win a silver medal on the uneven bars in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. She was just 18 years old, the first Chinese and Asian American woman to win an Olympic medal in gymnastics. Chow also helped her team, the 1996 Women’s Gymnastics Team, win the first gold medal for the U.S. in the Women’s Team Competition, earning the famous nickname of the Magnificent Seven for its members.

Here is her Individual Silver Medal Routine on the Uneven Bars

Youtube Link

And more importantly! Here's her Coke commercial! (sorry can't embed)

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