Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mum’s my Facebook friend


Source: Asiaone

FOURTEEN-YEAR-OLD Sheryl Seet does not just share photos with her friends on her Facebook profile.

She also shares them with her mother, whom she added to her list of friends on the social-networking site last December.

Sheryl’s mother, 41-year-old manager N. Seet, also sometimes receives messages on her Facebook profile from Sheryl and will chat online with her at work using MSN Messenger.

In fact, it was Mrs Seet who introduced the teenager to Facebook.

As Mrs Seet can reply to Sheryl’s online messages even at work during periods when she is less busy, Sheryl said that “it’s easier to communicate with my mother online than to call her”.

Sheryl is part of a generation of Internet-savvy children who are “friending” their parents on online social-networking sites.

An online global survey done in the last two months of last year found that one in four children aged eight to 17 added their parents to their list of friends on online profiles on sites like Facebook and Friendster.

Although kids will never admit it it's probably a good thing to have your parents involved in facebook. It would make the parent-child relationship more healthy and parents are pretty hip (they were kids once too) and would easily learn how to facebook as well.

Here's our own poll.

Are you friends with either of your parents on facebook?


Anonymous said...

What choice do you have when your mom gets on Facebook and asks you to be her friend? Decline?

My mom got on last month and it was quite funny, but so what. I don't even use Facebook for all it's worth anyway.

Degenerasian said...

Yes but how did she find out about facebook to begin with? Was it through you or her friends?

Anh Khoi Do said...

Well, if you ever wish to add either of your parents to your contact list on Facebook, you can make her have a limited access to your profile. This means that you decide what she/he gets to see from your profile and what they can't.

Anonymous said...

NEVER! Stuff on facebook is not for family or boss to see!