Monday, March 30, 2009

Movie Reviews - March 30, 2009

Chow Yun Fat and Justin Chatwin look like that have no fucking clue what they're doing

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Dragonball: Evolution

Kids with low standards may enjoy Dragonball: Evolution, but everyone else will only be mildly diverted if not totally annoyed. Actual Dragonball fans will scream bloody murder, and those with respect for Stephen Chow and Chow Yun-Fat may begin to question their loyalties. If you buy the action figures, the bad guys will win.

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K-20: Legend of the Mask

Silly and occasionally draggy, but also rather fun. K-20: Legend of the Mask is an entertaining superhero movie that works thanks to its alternate Japan history, its steampunk trappings, and the always-watchable Takeshi Kaneshiro. Fun for general audiences and families, if not the demanding legions who worship at the altar of The Dark Knight.

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All Around Us

Ryosuke Hashiguchi's first film in seven years is a wonderful exploration into a couple and their struggles with depression and contemporary Japanese society. With Tae Kimura's award-winning performance and Hashiguchi's assured direction, this is one of the finest Japanese films of 2008.

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