Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Transformers: Clothing in Disguise

bra transformers

Source: Environmental Graffiti

Have you ever wanted a jacket that turns into a tent or a bra that turns into bag?

Today’s urge to be spontaneous and ready for anything, anytime has left its mark even on our clothing. Called hybrid clothing or transformers, these clothes can do almost anything short of flying us to the moon. Plus, they reduce consumption and the baggage we carry around with us. Say for example you found the perfect picnic spot in the wild and would love to stay overnight. No problem, just turn your jacket into a tent! Or what if you went swimming and forgot to pack fresh clothes? Again, no problem, just turn your shoulder bag into a t-shirt. Or, a sure favorite for gals and guys: caught shopping without a bag? No big deal, just turn your bra into a shopping bag. Follow us on a tour of more clothes that will transform you…

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