Monday, March 16, 2009

Hotel offers ladies-only parking lots

Source: Asiaone

See that colour? See that icon?

It's for you, ladies.

If you drive to the Furama RiverFront Hotel on Havelock Road, you can park in these pink lots.Seven lots on the ground floor of the hotel's carpark are reserved for women drivers. What's the idea, though? Are women such lousy drivers they need special lots to park their cars?

Not at all, said Mr Vincent Kerk, 44, the hotel's general manager.
'It's a fallacy that women are bad drivers,' he said.

Nah. Women really are bad drivers.

'Women deserve to be pampered, and this is our hotel's way of taking care of our female guests.'

He came up with the idea after the opening of the hotel's in-house spa last November.

The hotel had received feedback from several of the spa's clients, mostly women, about the lack of parking space during their visits and decided on a creative approach to solve the issue.

The hotel's carpark has seven decks and 278 lots in all, with two reserved for handicapped drivers.

Said Mr Kerk: 'At first we reserved three lots for the spa's clients, but decided to dedicate more lots for female guests of the hotel for their convenience.'

Mr Kerk pointed out that safety was also a consideration as the ladies-only lots are located on the ground floor.

'Female guests need only walk less than 15 metres to get into the hotel lobby, and it's easier for those in high heels,' he said.

Also, female guests who come with their young children in prams have an easier time getting to the lobby.

Make sense. Strollers aren't good in parking lots and women at night should be able to get to their cars faster. Although in a hotel of this caliber, security should be around every night.

One male driver we spoke to was not keen on the idea.
'I think it's discrimination,' said Mr Andrew Keitley, 36, a director of logistics.
'It's a silly idea.'

Oh be a man, you can walk a little!

Miss Marilyn Teo, 29, a sales manager, also felt there was no need to have lots reserved for women.
'We can just park in normal lots. We are not handicapped,' she said.
'I would feel a little odd parking in a bright pink lot.'
However, she admitted she would still park in such a lot if it was convenient.

Typical feminist bitch. Always insulted that the things done for women devalue women but would take definitely take advantage of it.

Me? I would like this. I like being spoiled and having things easier for me. I suck at driving and parking so this would be great! As long as my dumb mayor doesn't put a charge on it!


Heidi said...

"Always insulted that the things done for women devalue women but would take definitely take advantage of it."

I totally would too...though I don't think the pink lots devalue women. Rather, they're just discriminatory -- unless there was previous systematic anti-female parking bias before, they shouldn't be there. (And this is assuming you believe in affirmative action.) Equal protection for everyone!

Degenerasian said...

That's fine.. but the statement that bothered me was.

"However, she admitted she would still park in such a lot if it was convenient."

So it's bad to have pink lots cause they're discriminatory but for convenience it's ok!

Me I would like to park close to the door :)