Sunday, March 29, 2009

Details of Jinnai's affair exposed

What a doofus!

Source: Tokyograph

Because of an affair by comedian Tomonori Jinnai (35), he and actress Norika Fujiwara (37) are now divorced. Jinnai admitted the truth on March 26, and the following day, weekly magazine FRIDAY published an article exposing photos and emails related to a woman Jinnai had slept with.

According to the magazine, Jinnai met the woman in an Osaka bar in July 2007, three months after Jinnai and Fujiwara's marriage. After hitting it off, Jinnai immediately emailed the woman's cell phone, asking her to join him in a hotel room. The woman asked, "Aren't you married?" but Jinnai replied, "Don't worry about it!"

The woman continued to receive emails from Jinnai, and the contents were always a room number and nothing else. The relationship with this woman went on for five months. As evidence of the affair, FRIDAY magazine published some of the emails and photos showing Jinnai lying in the hotel bed.

Although Jinnai has admitted and apologized for his immaturity and weakness, sources say that he had affairs with multiple women. More details of his affairs may come to light in the future.

Just three months after the wedding. Looks like he never stopped seeing women at any point! Creep!

Guess marrying a famous model wasn't enough for him!

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