Thursday, March 12, 2009

Korean-American golfer files $670,000 LOLsuit

Professional golfer Christina Kim has filed a one billion won ($670,000) lawsuit against Korean newspaper Joong Ang for libel and defamation. Kim, who once had dual American and Korean citizenship, was allegedly called a "traitor" in a series of articles after she chose solely American citizenship. Kim has gone on to allege that these published comments are responsible for a drop in her performance on the greens, and is responsible for a new inability to land Korean sponsors. If I were on the editorial staff of the newspaper and knew that the suit was coming, I would have really gone for broke and written something along the lines of "fat American traitor bitch can't golf for shit, and is probably a lesbian". In for a penny, in for a pound I always say.

Not being a Korean, I can't speak to what constitutes an image of cultural authenticity in South Korea, but as always, we can rely on our loyal readers to provide insightful comments which will fill us in. Or we can wait for AAM to yell "ZOMFG RACISM" about the whole affair. Or maybe those lovely Disgrasian gals will SELFVLOGASIAN about it! Holla back, ladies - we at Degenerasian are big fans!

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