Sunday, March 15, 2009

From Japan, happy dick day

Alright, alright - Japan's Hōnen Matsuri festival is actually about "agricultural fertility" (literally "good harvest festival"), but that's been a euphemism for honoring the one eyed trouser mouse for as long as man has figured out how to rotate crops. For the small Tagata Jinja shrine just outside Nagoya, today is the biggest, thickest, dare I say girthiest? day of the entire year. So ladies, as you eat your wheat, rice or corn today, make sure you also take the time to acknowledge and honor the almighty phallus.


Anonymous said...

i was here when I was younger. The gift shop is great for souveniers!

Elver said...

"One eyed trouser mouse"? Girl, you've been dating small guys, then. It's usually called a "one eyed trouser snake" ;)

Degenerasian said...

Ren: What kind of souvenirs? Anything unique?

Elver: This IS Japan we're talking about.