Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Asian-American Frat Life Marred By Hazing

Source: NPR

In recent years, Asian-American Greek life has emerged on college campuses. But along with the rise of Asian-American fraternities have come incidents of hazing, at least one of which turned fatal.

Fraternity members Brian Gee and Ken Hui are joined by Marion Phoummarath, whose brother Jack died after a hazing ritual, to discuss the culture of Asian-American frat life.

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How does this start? Asian-Americans trying to fit in? Must be more an American thing than a Canadian thing cause I can't remember anything like this at UofC. The guy in the interview said he got nothing out of it in the end other than bad grades and not being able to get a job and was physically injured. Why do Asians always copy the bad stuff?

I went to University and went home. My group of friends would hang out at bubble tea places, Tim Hortons, and karaoke bars. No need to join a club and go on drinking binges? What do you think? Were you are are you in a fraternity/sorority?

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Roger Williams said...

What makes hazing of Asian frat pledges different from the hazing of non-Asian frat pledges? Was this just a slow news day for NPR?