Saturday, March 28, 2009

World Cup: North Korea On Top Of Group After UAE Victory


Pak Nam Chol and Mun In Guk gave North Korea a big push in the direction of South Africa on Saturday afternoon in Pyongyang by giving their team a 2-0 win over UAE in their 2010 World Cup qualification clash.

With previous leaders South Korea inactive and Iran and Saudi Arabia doing battle later on Saturday, Group Two makes fine reading for all fans north of the 38th Parallel.

North Korea have ten points from five games, two ahead of their neighbours and Wednesday’s opponents South Korea and four more than Iran in third.

The defeat ends any UAE chance of a second appearance on the global stage and leaves the team with one point from five matches.

Watched a bit of this as it took place in the HUGE Kim Il-Sung stadium which holds over 100,000. North Korea dominated and could have been much more than 2-0. They are almsot certain now to make South Africa 2010, their first World Cup appearance since 1966. In the other match mentioned Saudi Arabia shocked Iran 2-1 in Tehran. Iran played poorly, were lucky enough to score first, then decided to defend and played more poorly. Two goals in the last 10 minutes won it for the Saudis. Also, Japan beat Bahrain 1-0 in Saitama and Uzbekistan are out of the basement as they crushed Qatar 4-0 in Tashkent.

Looks like at this point, Australia, Japan, South Korea and North Korea are cretain to go to South Africa 2010. UAE is out and the rest are fighting for the 3rd place playoff.

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