Saturday, March 21, 2009

Girl raped on mystic advice


Source: The Straits Times

AN INDIAN businessman has been arrested for allegedly raping his daughter for more than eight years, apparently on the advice of a Hindu mystic who said it would make him wealthy, police said.

Authorities also arrested the man's wife, suspected of being an accomplice, and the mystic - a tantrik, or practitioner of the ancient Indian art of the occult - for allegedly raping the man's other minor daughter, police said on Thursday.

Police said the father, a 49-year-old car parts salesman from Mumbai's outskirts, began raping his oldest daughter in 2000, when she was 14, after he ran into financial troubles.

'The businessman approached a friend who claimed to possess tantrik powers, and the latter advised him to have sex with his daughter to prosper in life,' police officer Mukund Mahajan told the CNN-IBN news channel.

Police said that in recent months, the tantrik apparently began having sex with the businessman's 15-year-old daughter, also for occult reasons.

OK how stupid are people? Having sex with the daughter to being good luck is ridiculous enough, and then letting the tantrik have sex with her too? With the mothers approval? At what point to you realize that the tantrik tricks you to have sex with the girl. Ever?

What the article fails to mention is, did it work? Did they get richer? I can see them 'trying it' to see if it work, as heinous as that is. But did they get richer? If they didn't, they don't keep raping her for 8 years!

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