Monday, March 16, 2009

First North Korean pizzeria opens

You will eat pizza or else!

Source: BBC

North Korea's first pizzeria has opened in the capital Pyongyang, according to a Japan-based newspaper.

Chefs were sent to Italy for training by leader Kim Jong-il, who said North Koreans should be able to try the world's best foods, said Choson Sinbo.

Most people in the secretive communist state live on an income of about $1,800 (£1,265) a year, but a wealthy elite can afford a more luxurious lifestyle.

An estimated two million North Koreans have died in famines since the 1990s.

Mr Kim's expensive tastes in food have often been commented on by those who have met him. He is believed to have a fondness for caviar, French wines, shark fin soup and cognac.

But the new restaurant's manager, Kim Sang-soon, said Mr Kim believed all North Koreans should "also be allowed access to the world's famous dishes".

Woohoo, this will advance North Korea into a 6th-world country! Or it will just mean that only the elite can have pizza and the poor still starve.

And it better be real Italian pizza cause the Korean seafood pizza crap is gross!

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